Gun Safety and Gun Insurance

In the U.S it’s every citizen’s right to own a firearm, still, it’s important to know the risks and precautions that should be taken. Every year 500 or more citizens die from unintentional firearm injuries, while this isn’t a massive amount, that doesn’t even account for the non lethal injuries every year.

Almost 25% of these deaths involved alcohol, something that should be steered completely clear of when shooting a firearm. Many of these shootings also involved, quite unfortunately, children. Over 4.6 million households have an unlocked, unloaded gun with a child in the same home. 

These injuries and deaths are not consequences of random chance, and the 154 dead children a year to accidental shooting show that. There are real, clearly defined safety steps one can take to ensure that they, and their family, are safe with a gun in use and in the home. 

Even when it comes to school shootings, 75% are carried out by kids who have access to a completely unlocked and unsupervised gun. Securing one’s guns is the first and most important step to ensuring the safety of all those around them.

This is also where gun insurance comes in, gun insurance promotes safe firearm storage by lowering premiums for those who practice good firearm safety. 31% of accidental shootings could have been prevented with a child-lock or active chamber notifier. It’s little things like these that make a big difference.

When it comes to insurance, there’s a good chance that any homeowner will already be partially protected. Standard homeowners policies include some firearm protections, but the rest must be explicitly purchased.

Full insurance will cover any theft of a firearm and any liability involving the gun with some caveats. Property damage from simply firing the gun, for example, would not be covered, illegal guns will also, obviously, remain uncovered by gun insurance. 

Homeowners insurance policies that have firearm protections tend to cover one or two guns, and deal mostly with theft. For those with larger collections and who want to have more of the liability protections, actual gun insurance is a better option.

There is also explicitly self-defense insurance which is usually not covered in most gun insurance plans. 31% of gun owners have had to use a gun in self defense, although for the wide majority this just involved showing the gun, not firing any physical shots.

This all goes to show that there’s a lot to consider for the average gun owner, and even more for those with a larger collection. Being safe is ultimately the most important priority, and gun insurance will keep the owner safe as well as promoting the owner to practice safe gun ownership.

Is gun liability insurance required?

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