How To Improve Your Mental Health During a Pandemic

Being trapped amidst a pandemic can be mentally intoxicating for anyone. There are a lot of uncertainties in terms of health issues, anxieties about what the normal will be, job security, food shortage, and financial matters. With everything happening all at the same time, things can be overwhelming. This is the reason why mental health should be your primary priority. There are many ways on how you can improve your mental health during a pandemic. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Ways to Improve Mental Health:

1.       Engage in Meditation Activities

Meditation is an activity known to have positive effects on the body and the brain so you can relax and lessen feelings of anxiety. Try breathing techniques such as the 4-7-8 breathing technique where you inhale for four counts, hold your breath for seven counts, and exhale slowly for eight counts. Breathing slowly can help you re-calibrate your mind and focus on the present moment. Yoga and light stretching activities can also complement breathing and meditation activities for overall wellness.

2.       Have Enough Social Support

You may physically be in isolation, but with the help of technology and social media sites, you can easily connect with your family and friends! Allot a time each day to connect with a family member or a friend so that you can be updated with each other’s lives. What more is that you can also share what is happening in your life (including your grievances) to help lighten your mood.

3.       Have a Detox

Being exposed to negative news through TV or social media sites can be plenty stressful for anyone. If you feel that you cannot handle negative news or information anymore, consider uninstalling social media sites and avoiding sources of these triggers. When you feel ready and stable to face these facts, then you can easily install it back.

4.       Learn a New Hobby

Being trapped indoors eliminates your excuse of not having enough time. With more time in your hands, you can learn a new skill! You can learn a new language, learn how to play an instrument, or brush up on your cooking and baking skills.

5.       Relax

Being trapped in a pandemic does not mean that you would not have time to have fun and relax. With the help of technology, there are many ways to entertain yourself even while indoors! One example is Goldenslot, which is an online gambling platform based in Taiwan that offers you a wide variety of online casino games. Aside from online games, you can also have a period to watch your favorite Netflix TV show or read a chapter of a book you’ve meant to read.

6.       Seek Help

When you feel lonely, hopeless, and depressed, know when to get help. Reach out to your community mental health center or reach out to your family and friends if you need help to stabilize your mental health.

It may be rough to weather out this pandemic, but remember that you are not alone in this journey. Learn how to be productive while staying indoors by engaging in activities you consider fun. Also, learn how to reach out to others so you will not feel lonely and (that much) isolated. Hopefully, the tips above can help you put importance on your mental health.

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