8 Fashion Tips for your Office Attire

Some corporate offices have very strict guidelines for office dress code, which should not stop anyone from rocking great office outfits while still looking uber professional! With the Do’s and don’ts in Office business wear, ladies should throw out their shapeless pants and shabby blazers because their office outfits will be looking more stellar than ever! Let’s look at the Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for Women’s Office Looks. 

Guidelines for Women’s Business Attire

  1. Do not Be an Office Show-off

Ladies should save their designer outfits like Chanel and Louis Vuitton for an elegant evening out instead of the office. Wearing designer brands in the office can be a tad too excessive. It can also give the wrong impression to office colleagues. In addition, ladies would want to be known for their wit and strategic thinking, not for their designer brooch or Birkin bag. 

Woman in Black Blazer Sitting at the Table
  1. Do Stick with modest necklines and longer hems

In every office dress code, this is the most basic guideline. Do not wear anything short and skimpy or anything too revealing. It’s always best to look simple and professional without looking like an office tramp. The rule of thumb is not to wear anything that ladies should not wear that their parents will not approve of.

  1. Do not wear Leggings or Yoga Pants

Leggings and yoga pants are great for a workout or stretching but never for office wear. Office attire approved outfits include trousers, slacks, or dressy jeans (the ones with no rips). 

  1. Do wear minimal jewelry

Flashy accessories and bling are extreme office no-no’s (Read Rule No. 1 again). Ladies should cap off their office looks with simple, minimalist, and elegant jewelry. Classic jewelry designs are simple silver necklaces, pearl earrings, or simple stud earrings that are office go-to’s.

Woman in White Shirt Holding Makeup Brush
  1. Do not wear thick make-up

Ladies should avoid being the office clown by not overdoing the make-up. Do away with vibrant eyeshadow colors and go simple with classic undertones. Lipstick shades should be nude or soft, like a baby pink. In addition, a soft blush-on and a single swipe of mascara can also do wonders to make office ladies look fresh and alert all day.

  1. Do not wear sheer fabric

Wearing sheer fabric is an absolute office no-no. In choosing fabrics to wear in the office, ladies should go for cotton, silk, and similar fabrics. In this way, there will be no unnecessary peek-a-boo or office blunders.

  1. Do not wear sandals

Sandals are for errands or for a day out on the beach. Office wear entails something more professional in terms of shoes. Ladies should choose either dependable heels or professional-looking flats. Ladies should opt for block heels or find shoes with cute little mesh details to add a little oomph for the office outfit. 

  1. Do go simple!

Suppose corporate dress code guidelines allow employees to not wear strict business casual attire. In that case, ladies should go for simple and plain-colored shirts instead of a logo tee. A white shirt with a simple well-fitting blazer is a classic!

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