A Growing Population: A Good or Bad Sign

On November 15th of 2022, the Earth reached the impressive population milestone of 8 billion people. Those 8 billion are spread amongst the 195 countries on planet Earth, with China, India, and the United States being the most populated. Pakistan and Nigeria are the most populous countries by growth rate and fertility rate, however, the United States and Russia are the highest in terms of migration rate. These increases are an indication of better overall global health and an older world population. It is because of these factors that countries like Spain, Italy, and Iceland have been named the healthiest on the planet, and South Sudan and Somalia as some of the unhealthiest.

An increasing world population has also had a large impact on businesses. Although an older population increases productivity and makes multinational corporations more prosperous, global GDP growth has slowed and labor shortages have become a larger threat. Experts say that Earth’s population will peak in 2080 at 10.4 billion, bringing both new opportunities and potential pitfalls. Scientists are conflicted, as a growing population is a clear demonstration of human resilience, but is also a huge threat to the environment and our resources. 

The road to 9 billion people is not terribly long, and continents like Africa and Europe are projected to see some major change in the coming years. The only undeniable truth is that change is inevitable, and the future of our life on Earth may depend on such change.

8 billion people visualized

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