A Guide to Real Estate and Lifestyle in the ‘Ville

Louisville, Kentucky, is a great place to live with a rich culture, mild climate, and numerous attractions. It is known for its many sports teams, including the Kentucky Colonels, Louisville Bats, and Louisville Cardinals. Louisville is also a food hub with franchises like KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell, as well as local joints like Impellizzeri’s Pizza, Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, and Mussel & Burger Bar.

The economy in Louisville is booming, with $22.8 billion in projects announced, started, or finished since 2014. It is home to the UPS International Air Hub, which is the largest employer in Louisville and enables the region to be a logistical hub for all things shipping, logistics, warehousing, transportation, and manufacturing. Louisville also has a low cost of living, with housing at 77.5% of the national average.There are over 150 neighborhoods in Louisville and Jefferson County, offering thousands of homes for families to browse, buy, and customize. Some of the best neighborhoods to live in near Louisville include Cherokee Seneca, Belknap, Old Louisville, Clifton, and Highlands. These neighborhoods have numerous local attractions, such as golf courses, parks, museums, and music halls. The Louisville real estate value is also still relatively low compared to most American suburbs.

What Makes Louisville A Great Place To Live?
Source: Finish Line Realty

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