A Woman’s Guide to their Daytime Regime

Women are obsessed with having clear and healthy skin. In fact, the current skincare trend is having a glossy, dewy, and glass-like skin ala Kpop Idols. If you want to have that fresh-looking skin, here is the recommended skincare regimen that skin experts advise everyone to do to maintain healthy and clear skin every day so you can get that illuminating glow!

Your daytime regimen should be comprised of the following:

  1. Cleanser

The primary objective of the cleanser is to wipe your face clean of residual dust, oil, and dirt after you have washed your face with water and facial soap. Because the residual dust, oil, and dirt can be found within your pores, the role of the cleanser is to make sure that your face is clean and that your pores are empty of unwanted dirt and oil. Cleansers are also used to prime your face for your daytime skincare routine. 

  1. Toner

Because the cleanser’s job is to remove unwanted particles in your face, it may have also removed healthy cells that your face needs to shine and glow. Enter… the Toner. The toner’s primary purpose is to enrich your skin and face to make your skin light, glowing, and vibrant. Some people opt to use cleansers with cotton swabs, but skin experts suggest using your bare (and clean) hands for their maximum effect. 

  1. Serum

Antioxidant serums are concentrated forms of liquid packed with nutrients and are super beneficial when used for your skin! It also addresses specific concerns in your skin, ranging from dark spots to wrinkles and even reducing skin inflammations! Serums are often used after the toner to add nutrients to your skin and face. 

  1. Eye Cream

Since dark circles under the eyes are very common, it is also best to remedy these dark circles. Eye creams are the best solution to remove those unwanted dark circles (which are proof of your hard work!). Skin experts would recommend dabbing eye creams at least twice a day to ensure that you bid your dark circles goodbye.

  1. Spot Treatment 

We all know that acne spots and scars are the most difficult skin lesions to remove. This is the reason why spot treatment is an important part of your skincare routine. Spot treatments would concentrate on removing acne scars and ensuring that your skin and face are spot-free!

Woman Having Facial Care
  1. Moisturizer

A common myth is that people with oily skin do not need moisturizers. Moisturizers are essential, even for those who have oily skin! Moisturizers are used to ensure that your skin is hydrated and refreshed even before applying makeup. Skin experts recommend applying moisturizer while the skin is damp for its maximum effect. 

Woman Seated on Textile Applying Suncsreen
  1. Sunscreen

Anyone knows that UV rays coming from the sun can be really harmful to the skin and have lasting permanent damage. This is why even if you are indoors the whole day, it is best to use sunscreen as UV rays can permeate through doors and windows. 

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