Absurd Rehab Myths Everyone Thinks are True

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There are a lot of myths about rehab treatment out there that prevent people from getting help. The United States is in a perpetual battle against alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription painkillers, with news specials being released nearly every other day about the status of addiction within the country. So why is it that with all sorts of updated and new information being given out, people still believe myths that insist rehab treatment isn’t a good method for treating addiction?

It is time to debunk some of the more popular myths about rehab treatment. Whether you are skeptical of how well treatment centers can work or are afraid of the stigma that comes with admitting you need help, refusing to seek treatment for your addiction is not safe for your health. In fact, experts from https://www.racnj.com/ discuss the importance of getting treatment and recovery at the Crossroads where its main objective is to provide high quality, life-changing addiction treatment to the community. This is all for the higher goal of   enriching lives, restoring families and providing healing through our effective treatment programs.

Some myths gain power out of people’s fears and insecurities, and it is time to realize that rehab treatment centers aim to eliminate these fears and provide you with safety and courage.

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Myth No. 1: People do not Need Treatment

Reality: Addiction is a chronic disease of the brain as defined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine.  Treatment programs help addicts recondition their mental, physical, and emotional health to live a drug-free life.  This is achieved with a comprehensive program that teaches the skills and provides the tools necessary for avoiding triggers and preventing relapse.

Myth No. 2: You Cannot Force Someone into Treatment

Reality: Most addicts do not want to enter treatment because they are afraid of withdrawals or they do not believe rehab works.  But, many people have been forced by court mandate to begin treatment. Others have entered treatment after an intervention by loved ones.  Most addicts need some little “push” to convince them to enter a rehab program.


Myth No. 3: You are not Ready to Start Treatment until after you Hit “Rock Bottom”

Reality: Everyone’s “rock bottom” is different.  Some addicts can recognize the impact of their addiction on their life and their family’s lives.  Waiting until you hit rock bottom might result in death from overdose. Many people want help but don’t know how to go about getting into the right program, and often put it off too long.

Myth No. 4: All addiction treatment programs are the same.  They use the same methods and are cold and uncaring.

Reality: Many types of programs are available to help addicts find the right treatment for their needs.  Options such as faith-based, traditional, and Native American Indigenous programs are offered.  A person can also choose a residential, PHP, or IOP program. Depending on the severity of the addiction, an addict can choose an inpatient or outpatient program.

Regardless of the motivation whether or not rehab is self-initiated or imposed upon by another person, the first step is always the most important – It is the realization and acknowledgment that you need help. The steps above can hopefully debunk awful myths about rehabilitation and may you make the first step into a better version of you.

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