Accessories For Men That Will Amp Up Their Look

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Male fashion trends are classic – but it can also be a bit tricky. With a variety of accessories to choose from, men can be picky on what are just enough accessories to style their clothes with, as compared to overdoing their look. From rings to cufflinks to watches, accessories can amp your style as long as you wear them right. Yes, there are many different forms of jewelry, but that doesn’t mean you have to use all of them. Knowing how and when to wear jewelry can be the difference between a confident look and a loud look, the latter being the one in which most men should try to avoid. 

Developing a sense of how to wear jewelry and accessories is essential, but first, let’s take a look at the different types of accessories and jewelry, and most importantly, when to use them.

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Men’s Jewelry and Accessories:

  1. Men’s Watches

The watch’s most basic function is to tell time, but when dressing formally, it can do much more than that. A watch can subtly compliment an outfit and add class to a man’s appearance. Depending on personal style and preference, a simple and elegant-looking watch will nicely compliment an already nice outfit for men.

  1. Men’s Rings

Rings are interesting pieces because they usually represent something significant. Men usually do not go out to a store and buy a ring for themselves, but instead they will receive a ring as a special gift or from a special event. Class rings, wedding rings, and championship rings from sports teams are all significant pieces that should be worn with pride in a situation where formal clothes are called for. Other than that, usually only the wedding ring is worn.

  1. Men’s Cufflinks

When wearing French Cuffs on a dress shirt, cufflinks are not just an accessory, but a necessity as well. A French-cuffed shirt is usually called for during formal times, so being able to wear cuffs for such occasions is a bonus. There are plenty of designs and colors available when it comes to cuffs, and most will work as long as they do not call attention to themselves.

  1. Men’s Lapel Pins

A lapel pin is just that little extra touch that goes a long way in personalizing your suit-and-tie look. In fact, fashion experts from explain how men’s lapel pins would add personality to the usual suit-and-tie combination. The variety of lapel pins they have ranges from simple and elegant to something more avant garde, depending on your personality. 

  1. Men’s Tie Clips

The main function of a tie clip is to keep a man’s tie from being blown over his shoulder by the wind when he’s outside. Aside from their ability to keep a man’s look together when he is on-the-go, tie clips add a classy look to a well put together outfit, and also tend to add a very business-like look to the working man at the office. The most acceptable colors for tie clips are usually gold or silver (and silver goes perfectly with a classic black suit, white shirt and black tie) but other colors are acceptable as long as they complement the rest of the outfit.

In summary, the single most important part of any accessories or pieces of jewelry is to make sure that they compliment an outfit, not distract from it or override it. The most important part of a formal outfit is the suit, and everything else – the tie, the belt, the shoes, the pocket square – everything, is designed to complement the suit. Moderation and subtlety are the keys to completing a classic, formal, well-put-together look, so too much of something is a bad thing.

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