All You Need To Know About India’s National Girl Child Day

On 9th January 2022, India will be celebrating its 13th National Girl Child Day. This is a dedicated day to appreciate the little girls for their contribution in family and nation building. The amount of love and affection they bring to the families are immense. 

To celebrate this day, the government has organized various events for girls.

They are given special attention with regards to their education, health, nutrition etc. While organizing such events all these years it has been observed that many schemes are also implemented which benefit the boys too but when it comes to implementation on ground level most of them are targeted in favor of girls only. 

This is apparently seen when we look at figures in terms of dropout rates in schools, malnutrition, child marriages and pregnancies. 

The theme for this year’s National Girl Child Day is “Empowering Girls for a brighter tomorrow.” The main aim behind the theme is to create an awareness among all about the fact that we should treat girl children equally as boys so that they also get equal opportunities to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. 

The statistics show that if we would have given them the same rights and opportunities then 85 percent of our malnourished kids could have been saved. Even today we find many cases where malnutritioned female children are forced into marriage.

This creates negative impacts on their physical and mental health which affects their future generations too. 

On such occasions like National Girl Child Day make sure you appreciate your little girl as she is the source of infinite love, affection and joy. You must have noticed that all good qualities are embedded in them so you should encourage them to do better.

If they get proper guidance from their loved ones then it is possible for them to serve the nation even better than men so start this today itself.

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