Bouncing Back:  How Women are Conquering the Post-Pandemic Office Landscape

March 2023 marked a turning point for women in the workforce.  Despite a significant decrease in female workers during 2020, women have now surpassed pre-pandemic workforce levels, with 77.8 million actively employed.  What catalyzed this return?  Stable schooling options, reduced business closures, and an improved public health outlook provided the necessary infrastructure for a successful comeback.

However, the journey back is fraught with hurdles.  Ageism, more acutely impacting older women, and high caregiving responsibilities pose significant challenges.  These barriers are exacerbated by disproportionate employment rejections, lower callback rates, and earlier onset of ageism for women.  Coupled with prohibitive childcare costs and significant caregiving impact on their careers, these factors have created a tough landscape for women to navigate.

Self-confidence, too, is a considerable obstacle for nearly 24% of women.  Factors like career breaks and societal pressure for youthful beauty standards have compounded this problem.  However, the rise of professional mentorship and hybrid roles are providing strategic solutions to these issues, fostering self-esteem and flexibility.

Interestingly, the surge in plastic surgeries, particularly the ‘Mommy Makeover,’ is playing an instrumental role in restoring self-confidence.  This wave of self-investment is indicative of a profound shift, with women reclaiming their power and confidence.  Their unwavering resilience heralds an equitable future in the post-pandemic workplace.

Why women are finally returning to the office
Source: Sieber Plastic Surgery

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