Cannabis and its Rising Popularity

It’s no surprise that marijuana has been seeing an increase in use and legalization. There have been many states and even the federal government looking at legalization. What may come as a surprise is exactly how many have passed legislation towards legalization. Today 20 states have already legalized recreational marijuana. On top of this, CBD is federally legalized, with varying restrictions existing state by state. And medicinal marijuana is legal in 37 states.

That means at this point cannabis is accessible, in one way or another, in a majority of states. These changes have been coming on a local and state level primarily. And by 2030 it’s predicted seven more states will legalize recreational cannabis. Although not all change has been occurring on the local levels. Notably, President Joe Biden passed an executive order pardoning all non-violent offenders of marijuana possession.

These changes all come from changes in public perception. Today 59% of all Americans support legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana. All in all 90% of Americans support legal marijuana in some capacity. In fact 44% of Americans already live in a state with legalized marijuana. 

This sets marijuana as a notably positively received issue, at least when it comes to political topics. It’s certainly not universally accepted or liked, but today only three states outlaw cannabis in every form. Almost all states at least allow some level of THC in CBD or in medicinal contexts. Ultimately cannabis continues to become a more and more popular issue. Only time can tell, but it’s not unreasonable to think it won’t be long before cannabis is accessible across the U.S.

Cannabis Legislation by State

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