Eight Simple Tips to Maintain Your Crowning Glory

They say that hair is every lady’s crowning glory. That is why ladies need to know how to best take care of one of their most important assets – their hair! Certain guidelines should be followed as the foundation for hair care, whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair. Let’s take a look at these eight hair tips so you can maintain your crowning glory.

Blue Glass Bottle Beside White Towel
  1. Know how to Condition Hair

In washing hair, shampoo and conditioner are a staple for every woman. While using conditioner is important, knowing how to apply conditioner the right way is more important. The conditioner works best if applied in the mid-length to the ends of the hair. Avoid applying conditioner to the roots of the hair as this portion ends up being greasy and negates the use of conditioner in the first place. Target the dry portions of the hair, which are usually the ends and tips.

  1. Wash with Lukewarm Water

While a hot shower can be very relaxing, hot water is not exactly the best for hair care. The scalding water can strip essential minerals in hair strands and leave them looking dull and dry. To take care of your hair, you can go for lukewarm water instead. This will be significantly less damaging to your hair to look healthier and more natural.

  1. Know-How to Shampoo Properly

Target shampoo in the scalp and the roots for the best hair care as these parts are the greasiest. Targeting the hair in the tips can strip off the hair’s essential minerals, leaving the hair dull and dry. Ladies should wash the oiliest part for the best hair care experience.

  1. Rinse Well

Even if pressed for time, make sure that hair is fully rinsed. Hair not thoroughly rinsed can cause dandruff and build-up in the scalp.

  1. Do not Dry Hair with a Towel

Hair drying with a towel can be a bit harsh for the hair and cause unnecessary hair fall. To properly dry the hair, it is best to use an old cotton shirt that provides a gentler rub.

  1. Protect before Styling

Before straightening, curling, or blow-drying the hair, it is important to protect the hair from the harsh heat that styling can provide. It is best to use a heat-resisting hair product to ensure that the hair can still shine and be strong after styling.

Woman Holding Gray Hair Dryer and Wearing White Bathrobe
  1. Use a Brush while Blow-drying

Yes, it is difficult to master the art of blow-drying. And while blow-drying can be extremely detrimental to one’s hair, Blow drying with a brush can add to the success in blow drying! Just make sure that when brushing one’s hair, it is important to blow dry in the same direction for the best hairstyle result.

  1. Do Not Overuse the Ponytail

While a ponytail is a classic, do not put hair often in this hairstyle. Tying the hair in a severe ponytail can unnecessarily strain the hair strands, causing more hair breakage.

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