Elevating the Success of Students With Transfer

Kentucky is currently adopting an ambitious goal to have 60% of the state’s population earn a post secondary degree or credential by 2030. The community college transfer pathway to a 4-year university is essential to this initiative.  It is a great way for students to significantly reduce their cost of university attendance, while obtaining an Associate degree in the process. 

However, transfer rates are extremely low for Kentucky community college students, despite the huge financial and career benefits of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree. For every 500 Kentucky students who enroll in a transfer pathway, only 63 students will complete a Bachelor’s degree within 4 years of transferring. Students usually require more time than the standard 2+2 model, which is based on an expected 2 years at community college and 2 years at university. 
Some of the best methods to reduce this lengthening of time spent in school is to map out major requirements for students. Creating an easy-to-follow pathway for students can help clear the confusion around transfer requirements. Transfer advisors are a great resource for students to draw upon and receive useful information about their requirements. Connecting the path between universities and community colleges will have to be a focus for Kentucky’s transfer rates to increase.

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