Energy-Efficient Home Upgrades

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In the world today, energy is very important as it is what fuels everything into action. Energy, salient as it may be, can also be very expensive. This is the reason why being smart in your energy consumption is important. Energy efficiency means consuming less amount of energy needed to fuel or power the same task. Energy efficiency is both a win for the consumer and the environment because, for the consumer, there will be fewer expenses because of reduced energy consumption. For the environment, on the other hand, less energy consumption equates to less emission of greenhouse gases, which is a good thing to help the Earth’s ozone layer heal. 

There are many ways to imbibe an energy-efficient mindset, and most of these would entail investments in energy-efficient home upgrades. Maryland electricity rates are proof that these home upgrades will help you save both energy and money. Let’s take a look at these home upgrades:

  1. Invest in energy-saving appliances

More and more appliance companies are innovating newer versions of appliances that would save energy. For example, instead of investing in incandescent light bulbs, invest in fluorescent light bulbs that last longer and consume less energy. Also, newer versions of air conditioning units, refrigerators, and heaters use energy-saving technology, so make sure to check with the salesperson in charge of these features.

  1. Layer-up!

Especially for areas which have the winter season, make sure that you add more layer of insulation in the top floors of your home, like your attic. Physics tells us that heated air has the tendency to rise, leaving a chillier atmosphere on the lower floors. Adding another layer of insulation to your top floors can make your house warm and toasty, which eliminates the need to heat it. 

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  1. Cooling hacks

For those sweltering summer days, a cool cooling hack is to pair your air conditioner unit with ceiling fans. What more is that it also circulates the air so that you do not have to crank down the air conditioning unit. 

Kitchen and Dining Area
  1. Check your kitchen equipment

Since ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators are kitchen equipment that consumes the most energy, upgrading this kitchen equipment in 5 to 8 years will surely save you a lot of money and trouble in terms of maintenance or repair cost, including energy consumption.

Energy-Efficient Tips

Aside from the home upgrades above, there are also many ways that you can save energy. These tips may be simple and minuscule, but every kilowatt matters in saving the environment (while saving money too!). Let’s take a look at some of the energy-efficient tips you can do every day to keep your electricity bills to a minimum.

  1. When doing the laundry, wash your clothes in cold water. Studies have shown that you can save as much as $100 a year when you do so!
  1. When cooking, consider using the microwave instead of the stove to cook your meals.
  1. Have a regular cycle of defrosting your freezer. Make sure that the ice does not build up to a fourth in thickness to maximise the energy that your refrigerator is using.
  1. Invest in blinds, drapes, and curtains as they are beneficial in all seasons. During hot summer days, close your blinds, drapes, and shades to make sure that your house remains cooler, and you don’t have to turn on your air conditioning unit. During spring or winter, open your shades to let the natural rays of the sun warm your house.
  1. While it may be tempting to peek in the oven to check on that turkey or those yummy chocolate muffins, refrain from doing so unless it’s necessary. Opening the oven can let cooler air in, and the oven has to utilise more energy to warm or bake your food again.
  1. In studying, working, or reading, consider moving to a window to utilise natural light instead of opening up your lights.
  1. Turn off the lights when not in use – a classic proven and tested tip to save energy!
  2. Do not leave your mobile phones charged overnight. 

Imbibing an energy-efficient lifestyle can be tough at first, but remember, having this mindset will be a win, not just for you but for the environment too!

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