Finding The Right Lawyer For The Right Situation

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There may come a time in your life where you might need a lawyer to help you through critical moments that would need legal expertise, such as drafting a will or trust, buying or selling real estate, getting out of a divorce, or hiring an attorney for wrongful death cases. For many, finding the right lawyer can be an intimidating process. Research is one of the most important aspects in finding the right lawyer for specific cases. There are many places to look for the right lawyer. Among them are the following:

  • Phone book;
  • Internet search;
  • Friends that can recommend a trusted lawyer;
  • Government agencies such as Public Attorney’s Office
  • Country Bar Associations

Hiring a lawyer would also depend on his or her specialization. Specific for wrongful death cases, legal experts from describe situations where there is injustice brought about by wrongful death. These cases would include a person dying because of someone else’s wrongful actions wherein these cases can arise both in civil (such as a car accident) or in a criminal case (such as murder). These types of legal experts understand this delicate matter and would offer assistance with utmost care and respect in such trying times. 

In addition, once you have shortlisted potential hirable lawyers, you have to be equipped with the knowledge to ask them the right legal questions, for you to determine if they are fit for the job you want. Listed below are some sample questions:

  1. Does the lawyer provide free consultation? If not, how much is their consultation fee?
  2. What type of fee arrangement do the lawyers require?
  3. Has the lawyer handled similar cases in the past? What percentage of the lawyer’s cases is similar to yours? When was the last time the lawyer handled a similar case?
  4. How long has the lawyer been in practice? Where is the lawyer licensed to practice?
  5. If the lawyer cannot handle your case, can the lawyer provide references to other lawyers?
  6. What is the range of possible outcomes for your case, including rough estimates of time and cost?
  7. Will the lawyer handle the case or will others work on it also?
  8. What type of caseload does the lawyer currently have? What is the scope of the lawyer’s existing commitments? Will the lawyer have sufficient time to devote to your case?

Once the lawyer has satisfactorily answered your questions, enumerated below are additional characteristics to find the right lawyer for your case.

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  1. Specialization Matters

You have to first understand the nature of your legal problem as most lawyers have their own specialization. During this initial phase, consult your general corporate lawyer or another trusted business advisor such as your accountant or close family members or friends who have connections with legal entities. 

  1. Experience

The appropriate level of experience is one of the most critical criteria in selecting a lawyer. Some of the things you should consider are: length of service, number of cases in a particular specialty and geographic area and prior results.

  1. Lawyers as Good Communicators

You want an attorney who anticipates your questions and keeps you abreast of the developments in your case without you having to call first. The attorney should have the ability to communicate in an organized and understandable manner and have good judgment as to when in-person communications or e-mail is most appropriate. The attorney should also realize that over-communicating may be unnecessary and not cost-effective.

  1. From the Region

Someone familiar with your region will have better knowledge of the local laws and procedures and the personalities of the local judicial or administrative authorities, so if you are able, choose a lawyer from and within the vicinity of your region.

  1. Fees and Other Business Arrangements

Transparency is key in any legal relationship. Ask the lawyer to explain the firm’s billing procedures and methods including contingency arrangements and alternative billing methods.

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