How Co-Working and Community Organizations Can Grow Symbiotically

Tavern Community Coworking is taking a creative approach to limiting coworking costs throughout their coworking spaces. They are partnering with community organizers throughout local neighborhoods to leverage underutilized places for coworking, helping to increase exposure to these spaces and communities. 

The major problem with traditional coworking businesses is that they are real estate-dependent and thereby cost-prohibitive. They have to cover their costs to acquire the spaces they use. Tavern, however, has zero expenses related to real estate. They are leveraging spaces owned by other businesses and local communities to foster a symbiotic relationship that promotes growth for all parties involved. 

This solves a major issue for Tavern as less than half of businesses in the coworking industry are profitable. Approaching the space issue in this way helps Tavern eliminate the biggest expense they would have incurred if they followed a more traditional business model for the industry. Lowering the cost of the spaces is why Tavern claims they have a more sustainable business model than the more traditional models.

Partnering with the community in this way also helps to drive more traffic to these underutilized places and spaces which could benefit greatly from the additional exposure and earning opportunities. Businesses, no matter how big or small, may have spaces that would benefit from additional traffic and could produce ancillary revenue by being able to serve the temporary occupants of these spaces in unique ways.

​Coworking Spaces in NYC
Source: Tavern Community

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