How is Work Changing? 

Economic threats are causing many to worry about how jobs will be affected in the near future. Work has already been changing with many workers now expressing a desire to quit their jobs because they don’t have the option to work remotely. 61% of workers would even switch jobs for the chance to work remotely. 

Working from home has shown to bring more happiness to people with 66% of workers stating they are able to spend more time with family and 61% recognizing they can save more money. Other changes that come with the future of work include more opportunities for collaboration so everyone can experience being a leader, the ability to choose where to work, and informal get-togethers with coworkers that happen online. Nonetheless, it’s important for everyone to maintain skills like emotional intelligence, creativity, and problem solving as well as put effort into forming human relationships as they will still help with achieving great careers. 
Several jobs have seen growth over the past few years and are predicted to continue growing into 2031. These include occupations like fast food workers, general and operations managers, order fillers, and marketing specialists. With all of these changes, it’s a good idea to stay informed about the latest trends of the jobs of the future.

Jobs Of The Future

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