How To Be Safe By Cleaning Your Gadgets

Iphone 6, Earpods and Macbook on Flat-lay Photography

With the ongoing pandemic, many of us have been stuck inside our homes. We have only been going out of the house for essential purposes, like going to the grocery store or doing important financial transactions. We also have been more cautious of social distancing protocols and are more aware of one’s hygiene through thorough and frequent handwashing. While all these measures are great ways to be safe and avoid catching the Covid-19 virus, frequent disinfection of high touch areas should also be done as preventive measures. One very important but often overlooked high touch area is disinfecting our phones and gadgets. Think about it – when outside, how often do you expose your phone by texting or calling other people? Phones are also prone to touching surfaces that other people may have already touched, like tables and chairs. Indeed, our phones are a breeding ground for viruses to cling on to, which is the reason why you should make it a habit to disinfect your phones regularly. Let’s look at some ways for you to clean your phones to avoid catching the unwanted virus.

How to Properly Disinfect your Phones:

  1. Unplug!

When disinfecting your phone, your first and utmost priority is your safety. Make sure that you unplug all cables from respective outlets to avoid potential explosions or burns. In phones where you can remove the battery, you are encouraged to do so to avoid damaging the batteries.

  1. Cover up

Another potential way to damage your phone while cleaning it is when moisture gets into the holes and crevices of your phone, such as the charging input or the earphone input. Be mindful when spraying water or disinfectant to your phone and avoid these places.

  1. Screen Protector

Some gadgets have a very sensitive touch and haptic sensors that can be potentially damaged if you clean your gadget without a screen protector. Screen protectors are amazing when protecting your phones from potential cracks, and another advantage of this is it also helps you clean your phone easier. 

  1. Use a solution

Apple specifically has very clear instructions NOT to use isopropyl alcohol solely when cleaning your gadgets as this may harm the components of your gadgets. When cleaning, use a simple solution by diluting 70% isopropyl alcohol with water and get a microfiber cloth to avoid loose threads and lint covering your phone. Again, avoid the openings or holes of your phones to prevent moisture build-up.

  1. Use PhoneSoap!

Alternatively, if you do not want to use alcohol to clean your phone, you can use PhoneSoap! PhoneSoap is a UV-light based alternative that can eliminate bacteria build-up in your phone easily without the fear of ruining your gadgets because of harsh chemicals or moisture build-up. It is priced just under $80, which is perfect for your disinfecting needs, especially during the pandemic season.

  1. Wipes

Wipes are also a tried-and-tested method of killing germs on the surfaces of your phones. It’s very efficient as you no longer must mix a solution. You can grab the wipes and clean as you go!

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  1. Make it Dry

Before plugging your phone, make sure that your phone is dry by taking a dry microfibre cloth and gently drying your phone. 

Person Washing Hands
  1. Wash your hands

After cleaning your gadgets, make sure you stay safe, too, by thoroughly cleaning your hands with soap and water!

Hopefully, the tips above can make you (and your gadget) remain safe during the pandemic season. Remember to keep indoors, wash your hands, and disinfect high-touch areas (such as your phones) regularly. Stay safe!

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