How to Flaunt Your Body No Matter What Body Type You Have

Every woman is born unique. Every person has something good to offer to the table, regardless of race, color, or body type. This is precisely the reason why women should be comfortable in whatever they have and learn how to flaunt it. 

In the digital age where all you can see are perfect models on Instagram complaining how fat they are, or how it is so easy for people to body shame online, women nowadays are more self-conscious than ever about their body types – especially ladies who do not fit into what society categorizes as an “acceptable body type.

Ladies, it is important to note that women should also stop adhering to society’s absurd definition of beauty because every human being is beautiful. With this, there are multiple ways to accentuate a woman’s body by simply being aware of her body type. As they say, “if you got it, flaunt it!”. This article focuses on how you can be proud and confident in your body by flaunting what you got!

Woman In Front of the Mirror
  1. Apple Body Shape

Indicators of Apple Body Shape: Women who have apple body shapes are considered ‘heavier’ in the upper body section compared to the lower part of the body. Typical indicators are a bigger bust line and broad shoulders. 

How to Flaunt It: Take attention away from the shoulders and chest by focusing on the other parts of your body. You can do this by accentuating your legs. Wear something with slits to emphasize your legs, or wear clothes with a V-shaped neckline to make it appear that you have a long torso.

Absolute No-no’s: Tight, figure-hugging dresses are absolutely don’t for apple-shaped ladies. Another huge no-no is to wear a top with skinny jeans as the focal point will be the broadness of the shoulders or chest. If there are opportunities for you to make your legs appear longer, go for it!

Woman in Blue and White Striped Top Raising Her Left Hand
  1. Hourglass Body Shape

Indicators of HourGlass Body Shape: This is the typical body shape that practically every lady will want (as it is society’s very definition of beauty). Their typical blossoming chest area has a teeny-tiny waistline and voluptuous hips. 

How to Flaunt It: Tight, body-hugging dresses are a right fit for those who have an hourglass body shape. To flaunt the body’s upper portion, choose a plunging V neckline paired with a belt to equally emphasize the tiny waist. 

Absolute No-no’s: Anything baggy – whether a top or pants.

  1. Pear Body Shape

Indicators of Pear Body Shape: Pear Body shape is the exact opposite of the apple body shape. It’s heavy on the hips, which means that the hips and the butt area are considered as ‘heavy.’ 

How to Flaunt It: It is best to emphasize the upper body, which is why rifled tops or tops with colorful and loud patterns are great for the Pear Body shape. Loose tops paired with skinny jeans would also help emphasize the upper body. 

Absolute No-no’s: Loose pants with tight-fitting tops are an absolute no-no for women with pear body shapes.

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