How to Tell if Your Balcony is Actually Safe

Balconies require the same level of continuous care and upkeep as any other structure in order to keep them looking their best and lasting as long as possible. Maintenance and repairs can add years of enjoyment and value to your condominium or cooperative community if they are properly planned for and executed with the right tools.

How to Recognize Balcony Deterioration

Can a concrete balcony collapse? The answer is, yes. Concrete balconies, if not maintained properly, can collapse. However, with proper upkeep, they can be made safe and long-lasting. Therefore, to be safe, look for concrete that has salt stains, rust stains, pits, cracks, or tiny Potholes. These are the warning signs that your balcony may be unsafe and in need of repair.

When the steel inside the concrete is exposed to oxygen, it expands and develops cracks. This leads to balcony degradation warning signs. The visual indicators mentioned above can let you know that water infiltration-related damage has already taken place. Therefore, watch for cracks that are longer than two inches and make a note of them. Inaction or excessive delay in fixing the issue runs the risk of becoming a life safety concern. 

Additionally, water seepage and consequent damage become increasingly likely when the sealant deteriorates or when the caulking peels from fused areas. Therefore, a regular inspection of sealants is vital. 

Railings and Warning Signs

Railings are a common point of failure in balconies. Therefore, look for balcony railings that are corroded, rusty, or loose

According to Los Angeles Cable Railing, the cause of a loose balcony railing could be as simple as a screw that has moved out of place. However, it could be something more serious, like a structural fault. A competent structural engineer should always undertake an outside safety examination at least once each year.

The material selected could also have an impact on how well the balcony railing is maintained. Rust and corrosion are inevitable when steel railings are used on balconies and are exposed to moisture or salt, which is the case near coastal locations. Once corrosion starts, it is very difficult to halt it entirely. Aluminum balcony railings, on the other hand, resist corrosion.

Balcony Repair Solutions

Here are some possible repair solutions if you find that your balcony is in danger:

  • Protective finishes
  • Rust preventatives
  • Changing the way railings are mounted from surface to embedded
  • Removing damaged concrete and replacing it with fresh concrete
  • Installing new aluminum railings
  • Cathodic safety: This is a process that lowers the acid and raises the pH level around steel reinforcements. It is done with a low voltage electrical current.

Damage Prevention

The key to preventing any kind of balcony degradation problem is maintenance. If routine maintenance is not carried out, problems may occur. In addition to a yearly outside safety assessment, experts advise complete balcony cleaning or power washing.

Engineers with the necessary training and experience with a track record of inspecting and repairing balconies should inspect concrete balconies. Only the owner, who should have a keen eye, should evaluate the state of a structure. To perform ongoing inspections of a building’s balconies, it is strongly advised that a certified engineering expert be recruited who specializes in concrete restoration.


Are concrete balconies safe? The safety of balconies is a significant issue, especially in light of the risk of falling concrete. Observing areas where the concrete has been removed on balconies is typical. It is crucial to remember that even a small piece of concrete can seriously hurt or kill persons below. Additionally, there would be serious safety concerns if the perimeter reinforcing steel were to decay over a lengthy period of time and cause the railing to break apart. Therefore, regular, professional inspections must be conducted in order to keep concrete balconies safe for everyone. 

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