Keep the Heads Turning With a Cashmere Wrap

Every day that passes brings us one step closer to winter and the chill that accompanies it. As it inches closer, you could choose to be either of these two people: those who are perpetually depressed with the cold or those that embrace the weather! 

As glorified optimists, we fall in the latter category and embrace all seasons of nature. We, therefore, present to you the perfect way you get in the warm and cozy mood: cashmere wrap. They’re all the glory, and you may be wondering, what is so special about cashmere wraps? They’re fine, classy, luxurious, and stylish. 

Let’s look at cashmere wraps and why you should get one from Quinn this season:

What’s a Cashmere Wrap?

It’s a type of loose outer garment that is wrapped around the upper body. It looks like a thin stole or shawl, worn around the shoulders, neck, or head. Cashmere wraps tend to be thin because they are made of cashmere, a warm, soft, and silky type of wool.

Cashmere wraps come in all kinds of colors and patterns and can be worn as formal attire or as an accessory to an ensemble. Generally speaking, these wraps cost more than other types of wraps since the wool is of such excellent quality. However, because of their durability, softness, and warmth, they are known to be well worth the cost.

How Do I Wear One? 

While wearing a wrap, there are a few various ways to style it. These include:

• Stick with Tradition

Simply drape it over your shoulders and the back of your neck. A part of your upper arms and shoulders should be covered by the wrap. You could let the loose ends hang equally in front of your body or drape the shawl loosely across your back, draping one side over the opposing shoulder.

• Belt Up

For extra warmth and coverage, cinch the wrap around your waist. Drape the wrap over your shoulders then let the 2 sides lie on top of the other. From there, fasten it with a belt around your waist.

• Neck Scarf

Another way is to create a loop with one end and push the two ends through it, creating a shorter more tidy style. 

• Snood

In the colder winter months, you may also wish to create a Snood with it, which can be done by wrapping the wrap around your neck twice and tucking the ends inside.

• Style a Poncho

Start by draping the material over your shoulders. Pin the ends of the wrap down to the center of your chest then turn the pinned wrap to the side so that the long sides hang down your arm.

Why is Cashmere special ~ Why choose Cashmere?

The question still remains: Why choose an authentic Cashmere scarf when there are less expensive options available in the market? 

What benefit would purchasing this expensive cloth have over using readily available, reasonably priced winter accents? А Cashmere wrap — do you really need one?

To help you beat the oncoming cold, Quinn is providing you with some compelling justifications. Here they are:

1. Cashmere Is an All-Natural Fabric 

Cashmere is made from the finest goat hair in the world—that of the Changthangi goat. According to studies, the fiber shed by this goat is six times as thin as a human hair strand. Cashmere is also handcrafted and made entirely without synthetic fibers or dyes. It is a non-allergen and has no harmful effects on the environment. 

2. Just the Right Amount of Warmth

These handwoven luxuries are the definition of comfort! They keep you warm without being top bulk. They don’t make you sweat like polyester either. Whether the temperature is 0 or below 0, this wrap will keep you warm.

It comes as no surprise because cashmere is often regarded as the world’s warmest fabric. The Changthangi goat, which makes this exceptionally warm fleece uses it to shield itself from the chilly climate of the Ladakh area of India.

3. Stylish

Historically, cashmere was made in 3 natural colors: beige, brown, and white. Over time, dyers developed about 64 colors using 5 natural ingredients. Today, Cashmere may be found in a wide range of color families, including metallic, pastel, dark, and brilliant. 

This means that cashmere is no longer limited to its natural colors and may be worn at any time of day or event! You can also find plaid and striped patterns. You’ll be the head-turner wherever you go!

4. Your Wrap Will Last a Lifetime 

Well, well, well, how long do your favorite clothes (apart from Cashmere) last? )—a year or two? Even if they’re of good quality, they’ll only last 10 years maximum, right? 

Contrarily, if you treat Cashmere well, it can survive for nearly a century. A cashmere wrap can be handed down from mother to daughter for several generations!

Quinn: Get the Best From the Best 

Want to enjoy the ultra-soft luxury of a cashmere wrap? It’s really to die for, and we’ve got the finest solutions for you. Talk to Quinn; we mean business. We understand lifestyle luxury and our focus is on the product. Shop with confidence.

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