KYSSC: Bettering Kentuckians Through Higher Education

In October of 2021, the state of Kentucky launched the Kentucky Student Success Collaborative (KYSSC) with a grant from the James Graham Brown Foundation. Today, nearly three years since its conception, the collaborative has seen much success in several areas of student life and educational reform in the state.

Studies have shown that those with a bachelor’s degree, in comparison to those with only a high school diploma, show increased workforce participation, improved financial security, and decreased participation in public benefit programs. The KYSSC is working towards fostering this behavior, and has set a goal for 60% of the population to hold a postsecondary credential by 2030. Despite these positive efforts, challenges still remain. Enrollment is still declining for low income and adult learners, and degree attainment in the state is still below the national average.

Partnering with the James Graham Brown Foundation has helped the KYSSC to begin to remedy some of these challenges. With their financial support, the group has been able to pay better attention to student needs, improve and streamline the entire higher education process, and overall make a stronger impact on the lives of learners in Kentucky. Because of these partnerships and continuous growth, there is no doubt that the Kentucky Student Success Collaborative will continue to change the state for the better for years to come.

Kentucky Student Success Story in the Making
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative

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