Meet Workers Where They Are With Microlearning

Many employees struggle to get the most out of traditional workplace training methods.  59% of employees do not receive any training.  A scarcity of proper training has resulted in 70% of employees reporting that they do not have the skills they need to do their jobs.  Not only is this frustrating for employees, but it can also reduce overall productivity and satisfaction. 

What alternatives are out there?  Microlearning is a new training method and has had striking results so far.  It has proven to be 17% more effective than traditional training and reduces costs.  Microlearning has been implemented by 15% of Fortune 500 companies and continues to make strides in employee training.

Microlearning works by meeting learners where they are and distributing information in bite-sized nuggets.  It takes advantage of messaging apps, which are more accessible than traditional training methods.  In fact, 48% of employees report that they are more likely to access learning from their phones.  Microlearning also incorporates videos and prompts into each lesson, helping with overall retention. 

As technology changes, it is important that our training styles change with it.  Microlearning takes advantage of new technology and creates relevant and consistent training plans.  It creates an atmosphere of continual learning, which boosts employee enjoyment and success.  As microlearning continues to revolutionize workplace training, more companies may begin to implement it, resulting in a large shift in training practices.

Microlearning - the future of workplace training
Source: Arist

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