Population Growth Trends in Florida

Florida has recently popped on the national radar as one of the most popular locations to move to. In fact, 3.1 million people have become residents of the Sunshine State in the last decade, which is larger than the entire population of 17 other US states. It is also the second hottest housing market in the nation behind New York. It is alluring for many reasons, especially the cheaper cost of living, extensive work opportunities, and mild climate.

Florida presents the incredible benefit of having zero state income taxes, which is only found in eight other US states. It is also a lot cheaper to own a home in Florida compared to other populated states such as New York and California. For example, the average home cost is $392,000 in Florida, compared to $744,000 in New York. There are plenty of new constructions preparing to hit the market to accommodate all the new movers as well. 

The state’s population growth hasn’t been evenly distributed. Major metropolises such as Miami, Orlando, and Tampa have become immigration hotspots with growth rates as high as 75%. While not experiencing quite the same influx of people, even the smallest municipalities have seen large amounts of growth and have even doubled in population. Learn more about what may be in your best interest in moving to Florida below:

Why Are So Many People Moving to Florida?

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