Pre-Baby Checklist and Tips for the New Parents

Having a new bundle of joy can be pretty exciting, especially for first-time parents. As newbie parents, you would want to give the world to your baby. With all that excitement, having a child to take care of and be responsible for 24/7 can be overwhelming too. This is the reason why being prepared mentally, emotionally, and financially are salient aspects that all new parents should strive to be even before the baby comes out. One of the ways to be prepared as new parents is to have a pre-baby checklist that can be used as a guide for parents. Here is a sample of the things you should prepare for before the baby comes out.

  1. Knowledge is Key

They say that knowledge and powers and in this case – it’s true! Instead of watching trashy reality TV, fun as they may be, try inserting documentaries or educational shows about babies and childcare. You can also read parenting books and helpful tips online. If you are considering reading articles online, make sure that you get the articles from credible sources.

  1. Get medical advice from a pediatrician

Making sure that your newborn is healthy is every parent’s wish. Even before the baby comes out, choose a pediatrician that will take care of your baby’s medical needs, including the needed vaccines and the regular check-ups. You can ask your friends who are parents or go to your local health center to seek advice. 

  1. Prepare your emergency hospital bag

When the time comes that the baby needs to get out, it can be a time of utter panic and chaos. Always have an emergency hospital bag stowed away in an accessible area where any parent can reach it. Essential items that should be inside the hospital bag are pajamas, diapers, wipes, ointment, bibs, burp rags, blanket, socks, baby mittens, pacifiers, baby wash, and wipes.

Parenting Advice and Tips

The real ride comes when the baby is in your arms. Being a parent can be tough – from waking up in the middle of the night to soothing your crying baby to being on constant baby surveillance 24/7, to not having time for yourself, it can be a rough journey. Fortunately, there are parenting advice and tips that can help new parents feel more prepared with their babies. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. Show compassion – for you!

Being first-time parents can be especially rough. The likelihood of you making mistakes would exponentially be higher as you are learning the ropes of parenthood.  While ensuring that your child is safe and cared for, show compassion to yourself! You are learning this as life goes along. Nobody expects you to be perfect every time. 

  1. Enjoy bonding moments

Children grow up so fast, and the first few years of the child are formative in creating that parent-child bond. Enjoy every single moment with your little one because before you know it, they will be off to college. Capture moments with photographs and build a scrapbook so you can have something precious to look back on.

  1. Rekindle the fire with your partner

Having a new baby in your life can make your partner feel neglected. Because your attention is geared towards your baby, you have less time for moments with your partner. Consider reserving a special time with your partner to do something romantic.

  1. Reach out for help

Having a baby can be tough. In times where you are unsure about something, reach out to your family and friends to help you out. Whether it’s a question about the best way to wean your baby off or help in babysitting, your family and friends will support you all the way.

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