Six Simple Tips on How to Have an Acne-free Face

Having breakouts can be pretty stressful. Imagine having a clear, pretty face one day and then waking up the next with a huge zit? While pimples are often a result of an oily or dirty face, plenty of other factors can contribute to a lady having a pimple. Let’s take a look at these factors, including how to reduce waking up and finding a huge zit on the face.

Six Tips on How to Prevent Pimples:

  1. Wash Your Face Regularly

Washing one’s face every day, twice a day is the key to preventing acne. Washing one’s face helps remove all the sweat, oil, and dirt accumulated at the end of the day. However, it is important for you to remember that washing one’s face more than twice a day can encourage more pimples. It is best to refer to a skin expert when washing one’s face, but the usual cleanser is an alcohol-free cleanser. 

  1. Be Aware of Your Skin Type

Knowing one’s skin type can do wonders in acne prevention. While all skin types can have acne, ladies who have oily skin are the ones who are most prone to having pimples. Ladies who also have a Combination Skin (skin type has both oily and dry areas) are also prone to having huge zits in the face. Ladies with this skin type should particularly pay attention to the T-Zone, the forehead, nose, and chin that can get very oily. 

Person Pouring Plastic Tube Bottle
  1. Moisturize Skin

It should be in every lady’s morning routine to moisturize. While most moisturizers contain oil and fragrance that can irritate one’s skin, knowing one’s skin type can also help choose the right moisturizing product. Ladies should always choose a fragrance-free moisturizer to prevent pimples. This also helps the skin to not be dry after washing the face.

  1. Hydrate Regularly

Water does wonders to keep the skin healthy. Having dull skin is also a sign of dehydration. To keep the face happy, healthy, and pink, it is best for ladies to drink water (at least eight glasses!) everyday to keep the pimples away! 

  1. Limit the Use of Makeup

Make-up residue almost always clogs open pores. While using that concealer to cover the pimple is very tempting, it is best to steer clear of make-up. Suppose make-up is essential (and it really is). In that case, it is best to use make-up products to choose oil and fragrance-free products to prevent cog-up in the pores and, eventually, acne build-up on the face.

  1. Avoid Touching One’s Face

Hands are very dirty as it holds every grimy surface. Avoiding touching one’s face is important to not to transfer dirt on the face. It is best to wash hands regularly to minimize the risk of transferring dirt to the face.

Woman Applying Facial Serum
  1. Do not Pop those Pimples

While popping pimples can be very tempting to reduce their swelling and redness, it could do more harm than good. Pimple marks are very difficult to eradicate, which is the reason why pimples should be left alone to dry up instead of popping them. 

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