Six Tips On How To Plan For A Sustainable Wedding

Weddings don’t have to be wasteful. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to skip on the things you love—florals, centerpieces, a gorgeous ring, or a darling invitation suite—but you can opt for these small changes so you create less of a carbon footprint! Fortunately, couples and vendors alike are taking notice of our impact on the earth, and looking for ways to protect its resources. That said, there are so many new technologies and innovations that are making eco-friendly alternatives more accessible than ever. By talking with your vendors about their practices, figuring out ways to donate or use biodegradable goods, and going local, you truly can make an impact. To help you plan a more sustainable wedding, we’ve rounded up simple and sweet ways you can make your wedding eco-friendly.

  1. Shop Flowers from a local

You have a few options when it comes to the greenery and florals used in your wedding. Some couples choose to rent faux florals, that way they never go bad; others choose to donate their flowers (to places like nursing homes) after the big day so that others can enjoy them. If you’d like to forgo the cutting of stems, we’ve seen weddings styled strictly with potted plants—which can then be given as gifts or taken home to plant in your yard! Another idea? Dried flowers! You can keep them in your home after the event so no waste created with these beauties!

  1. Make Use Of Rentals

There are so many rental companies out there with gorgeous pieces to choose from, so unless you’re going to buy things for the wedding and then incorporate them into your home after, it’s better to rent than buy and dump. Oftentimes vases for florals end up in the trash, so consider renting those. If possible, avoid disposable dinnerware and opt for rented tableware and assorted goods.

  1. Sustainable Fashion For Your Wedding Dress

When it comes to wedding dress, choosing a brand that practices sustainable fashion is wonderful. Alternatively, you could opt for a vintage wedding dress or source one from a second-hand site and give the dress a new life!

  1. Go for plated versus buffet

Food waste is inevitable when it comes to weddings, but planning ahead can limit the waste. Buffet dinners are notorious for producing wasted leftovers. Instead, consider plated dinners to avoid extra food. If you can, talk to your caterer about packaging and freezing any extra plates that were not used to bring home for later. Many caterers will not allow this due to food laws but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

  1. The Ring

When it comes to the ring, we suggest either going vintage (or possibly utilizing stones from vintage rings and creating something modern), or opting for a lab-grown diamond!

  1. Eco-friendly Wedding Invitation

Invitation suites are some of the prettiest details to photograph, so we understand not wanting to cut out this tradition. While some couples choose to go completely paperless and send their invitations via email, there are other options for those that want a physical product! There are many eco-friendly invitation manufacturers that can grow a tree with every invitation they produce.

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