Sold on Gold Décor

Gold for the Holidays

Your to-do list is likely becoming quite long now that the holidays are approaching. You want your home to look nice and well-decorated when you have visitors or dinner guests over. But don’t you want a residence that sparkles and shines throughout the year? Currently, gold accents are a popular trend, and we anticipate that this sophisticated design may endure. Fortunately, there are some simple, entertaining, and surprisingly inexpensive ways to add gold to your home’s interior. Here, we will demonstrate how to design your home with sparkle, gold, and gilt throughout the year without making it overdone or obnoxious. A gold bed frame is one way to start things off with a bang. It makes a very subdued but impressive statement about your home decor.


A chandelier is the best way to start adding sparkle to your decor. We suggest you choose a classy chandelier that adds a bit of fun to the room. For example, choose one with less metal, more glass, and a hint of gold on the arms. This will make your dining room, living room, den, or bedroom feel richer. Yes, chandeliers are no longer just for dining rooms. If you want to add a bit of glitz to a surprising space, think about putting a chandelier there.

Make it gold

Gold furniture is trendy. Any contemporary decorating magazine will include interiors with gold and sparkling accents. How can you do this without looking tacky? Replace drapes, bedding, area rugs, pillows, and other items with gold ones. Alternatively, make one neutral wall gold.

If a gold wall seems too dangerous, consider painting a coffee table instead. If this is too much gold for you, consider scaling back to throw pillows with dazzling gold trim. 


Not all candles are made to be burned, especially when you’re looking to add a touch of gold to your home’s interior design. Watch a little sparkle go a long way by placing a few extravagantly garish glittery gold candles on your table or an end table in the living room. There are numerous methods to make a glitzy, gorgeous centerpiece if candles aren’t your style. For example, you might dress up a tabletop with a runner made of shiny gold fabric and top it with a glass vase filled with gold ornamental balls. The rule of three should always be followed when placing centerpieces or other arrangements; it’s a terrific interior decorator trick that never fails. 

Brass is making a comeback!

No, we’re not talking about the brass fittings from the 1980s; rather, the new brass is still bright but in a far more modern style. 

Examine any kitchen. Notice how brass hardware adds a formal touch to the otherwise basic kitchen.

Brass fixtures, hardware, and accessories are a great way to add gold accents to your home.

If the prospect of brilliant gold intimidates you, consider an aged brass finish, which allows you to add sparkle without being ostentatious.

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