Supplementing our Way to Good Health

With our population aging, the number of deaths due to illness rising, and the world death rate increasing for the fourth year in a row, it can be easy to feel grim about our health. Luckily, supplements can be used to increase our confidence. Scientific research shows that vitamins may improve physiological, cognitive, and functional outcomes, as well as reduce injuries and improve performance during workouts. They may also slow the rate of brain shrinkage. 

Upon hearing this, it is not a surprise to learn that 55 to 65% percent of consumers worldwide take vitamins and supplements on a daily basis. In the past 12 months, American adults have consumed 76% vitamins, 40% speciality supplements, 39% herbals and botanicals, 28% sports nutrition supplements, and 17% weight management supplements. As a result, the supplement industry hit record growth in 2021, and only continues to grow.

While the future of supplements cannot be fully predicted, new categories have begun to enter the scene, including sleep gummies, irish moss, and mushroom coffee. With regards to pre-workout supplements, new ingredients are beginning to take center stage. An example of such is Beta-alanine, which controls muscle fatigue. Participating in the many aspects of the supplement industry has allowed companies like Your Super to see staggering revenues, as well as allowed consumers to support their health.

The Business of Supplements
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