The Most Flattering Haircut for Every Ladies’ Face Shape

Have you ever wanted to go to the hair salon with a photo of your celebrity idol and wanted the hairstylist to do the same hairstyle, only to find out that your forehead looks a tad bit big, or your cheeks are puffier than usual? Fear not because even if you do not have Beyoncé’s golden long curly locks, you can always shine with your unique hairstyle! No matter your face shape – whether you have a heart-face shape, an oval one, or even a square one, there will always be haircuts and styles that will emphasize your best facial features. It is also important to note that a haircut is just one of the factors to make your look pop. You also have to consider the texture of the hair, the color, and even the styling! Let us take a look at the most flattering hair cute for practically every face shape.

Determine your Face Shape

There are generally six face shapes for every human being: heart-shaped, long, oval, square, diamond, and round. Women need to know what their face shape is to easily determine the haircuts and styles they can have to complement their face shape.

  1. Heart-shaped Face

For women who have a heart-shaped face, this implies that your bone structure is neither too hard nor too soft. These women usually have a wider forehead and a more prominent chin. It is best to have bangs to compensate for the wider forehead and have layers to give more volume to the hair. Also, curling the hair away from the face can draw attention from the forehead.

  1. Long Face

Women who have long faces often also have lean faces. A great rule of thumb for ladies who have long faces is that the longer their hair is, the longer their face appears to be. The answer is volume, volume, and more volume! Curls are a great option, too, as it provides more volume to the hair. Also, bangs are a great way to add to the illusion of a smaller face.

  1. Oval Face

Women who have oval faces are lucky because practically every style and cut goes great with the oval face. From the signature bob to long locks, you name it – the oval face can rock it!

  1. Square Face

Women who have a square face have strong, angular jaws as their feature. It is best to draw the attention away from this by having curls or a choppy layered end! Consider going for softer curls so you can draw attention away from the angles of your face and highlight your softer, more feminine side.

  1. Diamond Face

Like the oval face, women with diamond-shaped faces have the most flexibility in terms of what haircut they can rock. Practically all types of haircuts can go well with ladies with diamond faces. Lucky you!

  1. Round Face

Women who have round faces should opt for hairstyles that hang below the chin. Short hairstyles can add volume to the hair and create an illusion of a longer face.

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