The Power Of A Good Corporate Gift

Giving the right gift to a client can have innumerable benefits and help increase the size of your brand’s influence. Corporate gifts provide an immediate emotional connection and instantly start building a bridge with a customer. Over 40% of US respondents believe that corporate gifts are a powerful tool to build and improve relationships. Gifts make people remember your company and brand for longer – 66% of people will remember your company name up to a year after receiving a gift. The vast majority of CEOs believe that gifting provides a measurable and positive return on investment.

Customers love feeling valued and special, making personalized gifts one of the most powerful ways to build meaningful relationships. Most customers dislike and will often ignore bland and generic brand messaging. They want brands that feel real and authentic, not just an automated system obviously cheaply trying to grab their attention. A good gift builds brand ambassadors as when someone receives a gift that has time and effort put behind it, they’re much more likely to talk about it. 71% of marketers believe that creating brand ambassadors is the most effective form of influencer marketing.

Learn more about how to give the perfect gift to make your brand memorable here.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype

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