The Power of AI and Human Collaboration

Artificial intelligence is growing and learning rapidly. It has quickly become a very important part of our technology mix, and has been adopted in several countries across the globe. Studies show that 60% of us expect our lives to change significantly because of AI in the next 3-5 years. This will affect all parts of our lives, making software like ChatGPT and other AI applications omnipresent.

Despite its growth, AI is not perfect and is not self-sustaining. In fact, without human intervention, AI often makes serious mistakes, and is unable to tap into important human capabilities like empathy or creativity. It is for these reasons that experts are pushing for more human supervision of AI development.

In the wrong hands, AI has the power to become a dangerous tool. However, with proper guidance and care, artificial intelligence may change the way we live our lives, for the better. Human knowledge, mixed with AI’s quick and intelligent decision making skills, may be the perfect recipe for future development. It is our duty as humans to make judgments on how and why our technology is used. When curated responsibly, the collaboration between the abilities of humans and the abilities of artificial intelligence is unmatched. 

What AI Needs To Learn From Humans
Source: Academic Influence

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