The Pressure AI Presents to Global Industry

AI has become a terrifying force to the global landscape. This isn’t because it’s a negative and scary thing. It’s because of what it could be. AI is ultimately a tool that could make human life drastically easier or more challenging. One way in which AI is beginning to challenge modern life is through the job market. AI is starting to take jobs and it’s taking jobs fast.

These jobs exist across a range of industries across all nations. Currently AI sees the most use in service operations optimization. In other words, customer service is becoming a distinctly inhuman industry. Although it’s now becoming more common to see AI used for analytics and segmentation. This is all without mentioning the novel products AI is starting to be used in the creation of.

These industries don’t sound too significant, but AI is projected to displace massive amounts of workers. In countries like the U.S and Ireland 20% of all workers are predicted to be replaced. Yet in countries like Poland and Hungary that number jumps to over a third of all workers. These are massive losses of the workforce and put pressure on finding new options for workers.

Luckily, AI is projected to do just that. AI jobs are not only on the rise but are predicted to overcome the jobs displaced. These roles, things like data scientists and technology researchers, demand knowledge and digestion of AI. As AI grows in importance, so does its understanding and development. This is projected to provide countless opportunities for employment,

Where does the pressure lie then? It lies in making sure this remains the case. AI is known today for its explosive pace of development. If there’s no plan in place for keeping workers employed as it continues to develop, real problems could arise. Although at least for the next few years, things are going to be just fine for the global workforce.

Where are the world's AI Jobs?

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