Three Creative Photography Props You Can Use For A Stunning Photoshoot

What can quickly bring expressionless, boring pictures to life? Photography props are an easy answer. Not only do props heighten your creativity in your photography, but they also serve as an invitation to respond to the viewer. They help to evoke emotions, endear, disturb, or outrage. They may add an air of mystery or intrigue. They may convey information. 

Props give your viewer perspective as her eyes travel across your photograph. They provide the viewer space to find a story. Props can accessorize and add context to a situation. Accessories can call attention to the subject. They can shift focus away from undesirable features on portfolio shots. Props with good lighting and composition can be used to make a cohesive statement in your self portrait ideas.

While you can’t lug your studio with you as you move around for work, you can certainly pack a few props alongside your photography gear. In what follows, we list out the most necessary photography props that help you to create a compelling story.

  1. Splash of Color In Your Backdrop

If you do a lot of photography indoors, then owning colored paper for backgrounds is a must-have in your photography kit. Color papers are a cheap and effective way to incorporate contrast and distinguish your subject. 

Humans are biologically wired to pay attention to vivid colors. Bright colors convey energy. Softer pastels show neutrality and can help you concentrate on the foreground. Use pure white if you wish to focus on darker objects or clothes. Black backgrounds, on the other hand, may call for the use of light to illuminate the subject. 

To save costs on the number of colors you keep, you can improvise by using walls inside buildings, tabletops, and other surfaces. Quite often, home interiors provide an excellent backdrop.

  1. Use Your Landscape

Travel photography has become cliche because of the overload from social media and blog posts. Be extra careful when packing travel photography props because most have already been overused. Items such as travel bags and tinted glasses make for very standard fare. 

To stand out, you need to be original and creative. At the same time, your photography elements should come together to tell a story. Postcards, currency, hats, caps, scarves, maps, guidebooks, and clothing tell your viewer about the places you’re visiting.

Play with angles, lighting, weather, events, backdrops, and use people to create interesting scenes. Capture a protest, a marathon, a festival or a decay in the walls of a monument using a person as the counterbalancing element. Rent a motorcycle or cab and harmonize within your visuals. Show scuba gear when visiting a beach.

  1. Be Inspired with Nature

Nature photographers have a wide choice of flora and fauna that act as natural adornments. We recommend using a small aperture to maximize depth of field. You can build contrast by capturing unique viewpoints such as the angle obtained from inside a hollow log, a cave, or a precipice. 

You can carry camping tents and set them up in the middle of a field. Capture a brilliant starry canopy against the foreground of a lit camping site. You can use dried acorn beads or pinecones to construct a context. You may also employ artificial autumn leaves to mimic a change in season.

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