What exactly is hybrid well-being, the latest health and lifestyle trend?

Our daily anthem is slow, aware living combined with ingredient-driven self-care.

From avant-garde cuisine honoring Himalayan therapeutic traditions to indigenous curative procedures and herb-based formulas that are quickly making their way into our self-care caddy, it’s all about getting back to fundamentals. Remote work and healthcare put our emotional, physical, and mental well-being in the hands of applications, as well as a deeper, self-narrative that defines wellbeing for us. It’s referred to as hybrid well-being or total wellbeing.

The Plunge

The organic bazaar has expanded dramatically, with demand for pure, local, seasonal, fresh vegetables as well as preservative-free beauty care goods increasing by the day. Following the pandemic conundrum, we have quickly advanced up the ranks in quest of that elusive wholesome balance in life. Rediscovering the goodness of the Vedas, celebrating nervine preparations with Indic ingredients such as saffron and ashwagandha; burning herbs such as jatamasi and guggool to purify the environment; and even grabbing a self-narrative in skincare that includes rituals and ingredients such as khumani oil, walnut oils, kumkumadi tailum, the use of pre and post biotics to strengthen our skin, and cannabis oil to Shubhrata Anil, co-owner and CEO of Trikuta, is bolstering her century-old firm, which began in 1932 and has been passed down through generations from her great grandpa.

The pristine oils she obtains from the Himalayan environment have a growing following in metropolitan areas. “In the purest meaning of the term, hybrid well-being is a perfect fusion of old real-life tactics and trends in today’s new-age lifestyle.” We’ve been doing this for years in the hills, and with our new focus on wellness, these preparations are resonating with people on a deeper level. For example, our aanchi ka tel (apricot oil), as it is known locally in Leh, is a light, quick-absorbing vitamin E oil with moisturising and skin-lightening characteristics,” she explains. With fresh new moms and their infants, the Kashmir walnut oil is gaining hands, as is the locally derived Gurbandi almond oil.

“As our grandparents taught us, beautiful mama almond oil is appreciated by youngsters in their warm milk at night, and subsequently even used as a scalp nourishing tonic,” she says of the exotic oils produced using the age-old practice of cold pressing. There are no chemicals, parabens, or bleaching agents used, ensuring that everyone who uses the oils or scrubs receives a taste of the hills—some of the unique nuts originate from the Pir Panchal ranges, which are part of the Trikuta hills, where the deity Vaishnodevi lives.

The Transition

There is now a larger emphasis in yoga on the proper functioning of breathing methods rather than the statistical rendition in a minute of a hundred-odd suryanamaskars or merely joining up for aerial reproductions of yoga. Even the Vijaya, sometimes called as cannabis, is gaining popularity as an illness zapper. “The epidemic refocused our attention from our busy lives towards looking within, making us to realize how precious our lives are,” says Shivam Singhee, CEO and co-founder of Awshad.

Working exercise every day, eating nutritious and healthy meals, taking the correct vitamins, and meditating may all improve our well-being,” says Singhee, who adds, “I battled with insomnia for over a decade and had tried all types of sleeping aids.” I was hesitant to use the heavier prescriptions for an extended period of time because I was concerned about the negative effects and addiction, which were prevalent in the United States where I was studying at the time. That’s when I stumbled across CBD or cannabidiol products that were becoming popular, and the idea for Awshad was born,” he says.

Tacit demands and relaxed serendipity are driving discoveries and developments in the pursuit of well-being, the genuine essence of holistic living. Sure, Kareena Kapoor has extolled the virtues of smearing malai and besan all over one’s face for natural radiance. Getting ghee into the vanity caddy, on the other hand, is a revelation in slickly packaged balms and creams. “While the world was running on the battery of chapsticks, our lip masks in jars revolutionized the pout on everyone’s face,” reveals Nandeeta Manchandaa, creator of ENN Beauty. Ghee is a fantastic Indian superfood that is associated with nutrition and auspiciousness. We recognized the value of this component and have been developing products that are popular in the Indian subcontinent. Our 100-washed ghee moisturiser is based on the Ayurvedic formula of shata dhauta ghrita and contains saffron.”

While collagen-stimulating cow milk, skin-plumping narangis, and bakuchial (rooted in the benefits of the complexion-clarifying herb, babchi) rise in popularity, there is a rising determined trend toward clean food and balanced lives.

As we begin to improve our physical and emotional suppleness, let us likewise streamline the chemicals in our environment. It’s all part of the process of mending.

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