Working From Home: Convenient and Cost-Effective

COVID-19 created a lot of changes around the world in terms of the ways that we live our daily lives. One of the most startling shifts has been the rapid growth of working from home. During the pandemic, people didn’t travel to work to reduce the spread of the virus. Once the fear of COVID-19 began to die down, people slowly began returning to the office, but at a significantly lower rate than they did before. Due to the social acceptance caused by COVID-19 and the growing capabilities of technology, it is no longer a requirement of most employees to show up to their office every day. A lot of their duties can be fulfilled right from the comfort of their home. 

There are some amazing benefits for both employers and employees in the work from home structure. Workers used to have to spend a lot of time traveling great distances to get to and from their offices. Now they have dramatically reduced commute times, as they only need to commute from their bed to their home office! This also contributes to other benefits such as spending less time getting ready for work, being around family and friends more, and reducing gas and food costs. Companies are profiting from the increases in productivity (roughly 68%), as well as the decreases in costs per employee brought about by lower amounts of absenteeism and lower turnover rates.

Return To Office or Work From Home?

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