7 Ways To Elevate The Curb Appeal Of Your Home 

While you might not put a lot of effort into the exterior of your home, or even really care what it looks like, when it comes to trying to sell it, you can bet your bottom dollar that potential buyers will be scrutinizing it. Your neighbors may also have a thing or two to say about what your home looks like, especially if it doesn’t reflect the standard of other homes in the vicinity.

From not having your home become a neighborhood eyesore, to helping it sell far quicker (and ideally, for more money, too), concentrating on improving its curb appeal can have a number of advantages, and here are 7 ways to achieve it: 

  1. Clean it up

Whether you have a professional company come and do it for you, or hire a pressure washer and do it yourself, cleaning up your home’s exterior – including windows, patios and sidewalks – can go a long way towards improving its appearance, and will prevent mold and mildew from growing there, too. 

  1. Make repairs to the roof and/or chimney

Not only can minor roof and chimney repairs jeopardize your home by allowing water to permeate and cause damage, but if you’re trying to sell it, it will likely deter potential buyers, too. Anticipating having to carry out the repairs themselves, further adding to the cost of the property, they may take their home search elsewhere, unless you are willing to carry out the repairs pre-sale.  

Additionally, a damaged roof or chimney will instantly bring down the curb appeal of the entire property, and make it stand out for all the wrong reasons in your neighborhood. 

  1. Carry out repairs and/or repointing

If the brick or stonework of your home has been neglected and is showing signs of wear and tear, this will quickly reduce its curb appeal. While brick built property’s require minimal maintenance and are exceptionally durable and aesthetically pleasing, there will come a time in their lifespan when they may require tuckpointing or similar restorative repairs. It’s best to tackle any issues with your brickwork as soon as you spot them, as this will help maintain the structural integrity of your home and keep its exterior looking smart and tidy. 

  1. Consider replacing the front door

You might be surprised to learn just what a difference an attractive front door can make to a buyers perception of a property, and in terms of curb appeal, it can enhance it tenfold. If your front door is looking a bit shabby, consider replacing it with a new one. 

  1. Don’t neglect landscaping

Landscaping is a broad term for any improvements that are made to the land surrounding your home, and with many more Americans nowadays valuing outdoor space, enhancing it can only ever work in your favor. 

  1. Have a stone veneer installed

Besides brick, there’s nothing quite like a professionally installed stone veneer to dress up the outside of a property, and make it more visually appealing. With various styles of veneer to choose from, be sure to talk your options through with a masonry contractor before having any work carried out. 

  1. Build a walkway

A paved walkway leading up to your home can immediately make the property look and feel more inviting (provided its well maintained and has been professionally installed), and you can embellish it with other masonry elements to make it even more attractive and functional, too. 

A little investment may be required to update the curb appeal of your home, but the rewards you’ll reap from doing so can be hugely significant and worthwhile.

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