Cannabis Trends to Know About Today

What Is Cannabis?

Nature has a group of plants that cause people to feel calm and relaxed. These plants include marijuana, weed, pot, and cannabis. This is the reason that the majority of people consume cannabis. It is also a prescription medication that physicians prescribe for patients experiencing poor appetite, glaucoma, and chronic pain.

What Are Emerging Cannabis Trends Today?

Every year, the number of cannabis users increases. Experts are expecting the use of cannabis to continue to rise each year by 24.3% until the year 2027. They expect the industry to be worth $83.2 billion at that time. 

The reason that cannabis use is going to keep growing is because more states allow the use of cannabis each year. This gives entrepreneurs a reason to create new cannabis products and sell them to an ever-growing population. On top of that, people are not stigmatizing marijuana and other cannabis products as much as in the past. With the stigma lessening, more people willingly try it.

Cannabis Products that Have Been Trending Since 2022

Sales of vapes increased by 5%, but sales of edibles and beverages rose by even more at 10%. In 2022, pre-roll sales increased by 12%, and experts expected the sales of pre-rolls, edibles, and drinks to continue to rise in 2023.

What Are the Benefits of Cannabis?

Cannabis offers medical patients several benefits, including the following:

Cannabis May Be a Safer Option than Opioids.

According to the research, cannabis may be a substance that the medical community can use to help people addicted to opioids. According to one 2016 study, physicians prescribed 1,826 fewer doses of opioids in states where patients have the option of obtaining medical cannabis.

Cannabis May Be an Anti-Cancer Remedy.

The medical community stated that cannabis may slow down the growth of cancer cells and that it may even destroy these cells.

Cannabis May Treat Epilepsy.

In a 2018 study, researchers discovered that 39% of children with a rare type of epilepsy saw their seizure episodes reduced by consuming CBD oil.

Cannabis May Alleviate Chronic Pain.

Cannabis that contains high levels of CBD assists people who are having difficulties sleeping because of chronic pain. Multiple sclerosis patients experience painful, stiff and tight muscles, and cannabis can relieve these symptoms. When cancer patients consume cannabis containing THC, they experience less vomiting and nausea due to chemotherapy.

Cannabis May Relieve Anxiety.

A large number of cannabis smokers say that they use the substance to reduce stress. Researchers also discovered that a limited amount of THC helped people relax before they had to give a public speech.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Cannabis use may lead to the following side effects:

Cannabis May Impair a Person’s Ability to Drive.

If cannabis has strains of THC, the user’s reaction time, motor coordination, and judgment may become impaired. When drivers caused collisions while under the influence, the most common illicit substance was cannabis. As a matter of fact, a 2021 study found that, when people use cannabis on an acute basis, it increases their risk of being in a car collision.

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