The Power of Consistency for a Successful Brand

Few things annoy a consumer as much as sudden and unlikeable changes. A new design for a website being bad can lose countless users. A new ad that steers the brand in a negative direction will be hated. Consistency is important to maintain, not just across time but across platforms as well. Brand consistency and personalization is key to moving forward.

The general message and values of a brand should be retained across these platforms. Some brands are child friendly, for example, but if that isn’t clear across all platforms it can hurt their image. 88% of brands grew their revenue by 10% through the use of consistent branding. 

At the same time, 90% of businesses have at least semi-inconsistent branding. The downsides of this can be through slowed sale cycles and confusion on what the brand is. Consistency is important for image and for revenue. A brand which does consistency well is Spotify. The app’s branding is very simple but strong, it feels modern and cool and it is the app for music. 

Spotify Wrapped happens every year and is a great way to have the app talked about. It affirms the modern and relevant brand image that Spotify has. Consistency isn’t something a consumer will always notice, but it’s something that’s easy to notice when it’s not there. This is the power of consistency, a power which any successful brand today has learned to manage.

How Strong Brand Consistency Drives Brand Success
Source: BrandGuard

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