Five Simple Tips to Store Your Luxury Perfume Bottles

If you think that using perfume is child’s play, well you need to think it over again. When it comes to perfumes, if you are unable to use them properly, it can affect the way it smells and performs. You will not be able to experience the best fragrance, in case it is not applied following the right steps. Similarly, just storing the perfume carelessly can kill it, permanently causing damage to its molecules. If you think that your beloved perfume is not giving fragrance as it used to, maybe it is time to think about how you have been storing them. Here are some simple tips that will help you in storing the Top Perfume Brands and properly adding years to their life, yes, literally years!

  1. Keep away from heat

Never place your perfume close to any source of heat including radiators, sun, and even water heaters in your bathroom. Heat can denature the fragrance molecules, affecting their longevity. You will not be able to enjoy the scent as you wish to if it is damaged. Keep it somewhere cool away from it. This applies to all kinds of fragrances, including but not limited to body mists, ittars, deodorants, and roll-ons.

  1. Don’t Put It On The Bathroom Shelf

Most of us are habitual of keeping fragrances on the bathroom shelf or arranging it on the vanity inside the bathroom. Although it may be user-friendly it is surely not perfume friendly. Your bathroom is a hot and humid place, which is the biggest enemy of any luxury perfume. Maybe you take just one or two baths a day,  but the long-term exposure to the heat and humidity inside the bathroom can kill the perfume molecules affecting its scent and longevity.

  1. Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

You may have heard several times that perfume bottles should be kept away from the sunlight. Perfumes for girls or women from popular brands are available in properly sealed bottles. If you will keep these pressurized bottles in direct sunlight even for an hour or so, there is a chance that the bottle might break. Apart from it, the perfume molecules can get denatured affecting its smell as well as color. You will not like your beloved perfume to be destroyed just because you forget to keep it inside.

  1. Keep Them Inside The Cupboard

Since perfumes need somewhere cool and dark, your cupboards will be the best places for the same. Instead of lining them up on the dresser, keep them inside the cupboard or the drawer. It will protect them from heat, light, and other external factors affecting the life of a scent.

  1. The Refrigerator Is The Perfect Place to store your perfume

Although it might sound absurd, your refrigerator is the ideal place for storing perfumes. since it is cold and dark, it will prevent the perfume molecules from being damaged. The cold inside the refrigerator will also prevent the pressure inside the bottle from being affected.

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