Four Tips and Tricks in Choosing a Lipstick Shade

When a lady thinks of makeup, lipstick is always a staple. Lipstick can make or break an outfit, and it adds a pop of color to a somehow dull or incomplete ensemble. This is why ladies should be informed about choosing the correct shade of lipstick! Fortunately for you, this article gives you tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect shade of lippies for you. Let us look at ways on how a woman can easily choose a lipstick color to complement her overall look.

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  1. Determine your Skin Color

The most basic step in choosing one’s lipstick shade is determining your skin color. There are certain lipstick shades that will look better on you, depending on your skin color. Here are some of the tips to choose a lipstick shade based on your skin tone:

  • Fair and light – The best lipstick shade for women with fair and light skin complexions are also on the lighter side of the color spectrum. Shades such as nude, soft pink, or coral are best for a day look. You can also go for deep red shade which is great for an evening look.
  • Medium – The red shades are great lipstick shades for women with medium skin tones. Examples of these shades are mauve, rose, and cherry red.
  • Tan – Women who have a tan skin tone are in luck because most lipstick shades complement well with this type of skin tone. However, brown, and purple shades are an ultimate no-no.
  • Deep – Women with a deep skin tone blend well with brown and purple lipstick shades. 
  1. What is Your Skin Undertone?

Skin undertones are a different story as compared to skin tones. Skin undertones are typically divided into cool and warm. The traditional way to know one’s skin undertone is to check the veins in one’s arm. If the veins are more blueish, the skin undertone is mostly cool. Ladies have a warmer skin undertone if the veins are mostly green. So how does all of this translate into lipstick shades? Continue reading to find out.

  • Cool – Women who have cool undertones would look better in blue or purple hues
  • Warm – Women who have warm undertones would look better in red or orange hues
A Woman's Pink Lips
  1. The shade of Your Lips
  • Top Heavy – For women with plusher upper lips, it is best to have a darker shade of lipstick in the upper half of the lip and a lighter, brighter color of the same shade in the lower lip.
  • Bottom Heavy – Nude colors in the center of the lips can do wonders for women who have bottom-heavy lips
  • Asymmetrical – Women who have asymmetrical lips can use a lip pencil to create the perfect lip outline
  1. Determine Lip Size
  • Thin lips – For those with thin lips, better steer clear from dark and vibrant colors. Nudes are your new best friend. Same with glosses. 
  • Thick Lips – Light, creamy, glossy, and glittery shades are an absolute no-no.

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