Gateway Courses: Best Way to Prepare for College Success

When you begin your college career, the first step could be a defining factor for your future success. Fortunately, we have discovered one of the best first steps for incoming students, that step being gateway courses. A gateway course is the introductory course a student takes in math or English. These gateway courses have a myriad of benefits, on both a psychological and academic level.

Firstly, gateway courses help prepare students for the expectations and procedures involved with college level courses, thereby enabling college-level performance. Additionally, this helps to ease feelings of unpreparedness by showcasing exactly what they will be required to know in the future. Alternatively, from the academic perspective, gateway courses are usually denoted as the first achievement in a student’s college career. Not only does it serve to progress toward a college degree, but this also creates a sense of commitment for students. 

Besides simply students, institutions can also influence the impact of gateway courses. For instance, institutions that ensure adequate communication between students and instructors greatly increase the efficacy of gateway courses. These enhanced benefits are compounded even further when multiple teaching styles are implemented, showing the massive potential gateway courses can have on students. Overall, gateway courses result in higher retention rates and overall increased academic success. Consequently, they are a very solid option to give the best possible opportunity to students.

Gateway Course for Student Success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative

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