Getting Started On Your Couples Goals

You must have come across #couplegoals on your social media. It may help to find examples in other relationships. However, it would be best if you didn’t base all your relationship dynamics on things you see on social media. Instead, create the couple goals that suit you and your deepest values. The following should get you started.

1. Put the Relationship First

Everybody loves to see their partner being happy. Strong couple goals often focus on loving each other unconditionally. It means ensuring mutual support, regardless of the situation. When challenges arise, you or your partner might make a mistake. A couple with unconditional love will continue loving and supporting each other and eventually overcome the challenges.

If you have issues with your partner, try putting yourself in their shoes to understand their perspective. It also helps to consider how your words and choices affect them. It would be best to discuss all your hopes and dreams with your partner to stay on the same page. Such conversations can be a healthy and great way to reassure each other that you can achieve those goals as a team.

2. Maintain Trust

Trust is a primary goal in healthy/ stable relationships. Couples usually keep some parts of their lives separate from each other, e.g., hobbies, work, and time with friends. As such, you should be able to trust your partner when you’re not together. 

If you and your loved one have established trust, you should avoid negative thoughts destroying your relationship. Focus on being transparent to each other immediately if any doubts arise and try to settle them before they worsen. It’s also important to give each other space.

3. Continue Being Yourself

Besides having common interests, many couples desire to own some things separately. For instance, this might be hobbies, work interests, and time spent with close friends. Although being in a close-knit relationship may be fulfilling, it may also be healthy for each spouse to have their own interests.

Having this independence will prevent you from feeling like you’re trapped in your relationship. You may also realize that having some time apart allows you to miss each other more and appreciate the time you share. 

4. Build a Future Together

A common goal of healthy couples is to commit to building a future together. Most couples agree on what they want and the direction they’re taking. Such ideas for the future may vary vastly from one couple to another. However, they may include marriage, kids, career plans, and location. 

Discussing expectations and updating each other as the relationship progresses may allow more stability and reduce possible future surprises. To cultivate a commitment to creating a future together, try communicating with each other more often, be concise about your expectations, and be ready to make compromises as you grow.

5. Maintain Physical Intimacy

It’s worth noting that physical intimacy involves a deep presence with the process of learning each other’s goals needs and wants. Being intentional about the physical connection is critical for a successful relationship. Regardless, being close to your partner and touching can still be something meaningful. Research shows that cuddling releases oxytocin which helps us better manage stress. Ensure that you never neglect physical intimacy in your relationship.

6. Try New Things

In this life, trying new things is the spice. Unsurprisingly, the relationship doctor recommends trying new things to maintain that original sense of spontaneity. Perhaps it’s embarking on a new form of workout or taste-testing through different restaurants and cuisines. Regardless of what it might be, identify what ignites happiness for both of you and dedicate yourselves to incorporating it into your daily lives. 

Couple Goals 

Studies prove that happy couples have better overall well-being and enhanced longevity. Every couple should do everything possible to improve their relationship and this only happens if you have couple goals.

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