Keys to a Window Installation Win

Are you suffering from high energy bills or struggling to maintain a constant temperature within your home?  It may be time to upgrade your windows.  New windows can make a huge difference in energy efficiency and heat retention, making them useful items in which to invest.

Window installation is more complicated than you may think, and requires trained professionals.  Professional installation limits the potential for incorrect installation and can help you navigate the variety of decisions that go into replacing your windows. 

The first of these decisions centers around window frames.  There are many materials from which to choose.  New construction vinyl is the most popular choice due to its affordability, low maintenance needs, moisture resistance, and superior energy efficiency.  However, you could also select wood, aluminum, composite, or fiberglass depending on your goals. 

You will also want to decide how you want your window to open.  Many windows slide open, but others swing outwards or inwards.  You could also choose a fixed window for its airtight quality, as long as you are aware of the lack of ventilation and egress possibility. 

When it comes to glass, you will want to select the number of panes, as well as gas fills, spacers, and window coatings.  Triple pane windows are the most efficient; in fact, they are up to 48% more energy efficient than single pane windows.  In terms of fill, argon is the most popular and affordable option, but the more costly krypton has better thermal performance.  Window coatings can also impact energy efficiency and filter out UV rays and infrared light.

Once you have considered all of these options, it is time to make the switch.  Window Nation is a popular choice when it comes to window installers, and their trained professionals may be a good fit for you as you embark on your window upgrade journey.

Window Installation Service

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