Seven Tips on How to Accessorize Like a Pro

With a variety of fashion choices – from scarves to shoes, belts, earrings, and bags – choosing the right accessory can make or break one’s outfit. This is why ladies must carefully choose what accessories really go with one’s outfit. They also have to consider the size, color, and print of the accessory to create the perfect ensemble. Let us take a look at seven tips and tricks on choosing the perfect accessory to match any outfit for any occasion. 

  1. Choose no more than 3-4 Large-sized accessories

When choosing an accessory, often, less is more. Wear no more than three to four large-sized accessories, but also consider its overall impact on the outfit. Choose accessories that match in terms of style, print, color, and even the material it is made of!

  1. A Scarf can be more than a Scarf

A scarf is always a very practical and trendy accessory to play with. The scarf is also versatile! Play up your outfit by making your scarf into a belt for a feminine touch. During summertime, scarves can also be great makeshift necklaces. During winter, scarves can double as shawls for added warmth (and style) to your coat and boots combo.

  1. Small Proportion (in Jewelry) Matters

Traditional fashionistas would say that a full set of jewelry – a necklace, earrings, ring, and bracelet- should NEVER be worn simultaneously. While that is partially true for large chunky sets of jewelry, simple, classic, and timeless jewelry sets can be worn for the occasional evening wear.

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  1. No need to be matchy-matchy

Again, traditional fashionistas say that the color of your shoes, your outfit, and your bag should be of the same shade. That does not necessarily hold true. As a modern fashionista, you just have to make sure that your accessories complement and do not clash with the color of your outfit. 

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  1. Choose only one bright color

There should only be one priority in accessorizing – that is, bright-colored clothes or eye-catching accessories? Using both can be overkill and a tad bit too overdramatic for everyone’s tastes. 

  1. The Law on Wearing a Watch

Whoever said that wearing a watch with a gown is a MUST, is way too traditional. Feel free to let it go if you are wearing an elegant gown that does not call for a chunky watch. On the other hand, watches are great for office looks, outerwear, and even a sporty look!

  1. The Color of Gloves is Important

It is important to note that the color of gloves should match at least one feature of your outfit, may it be your shoes, your belt, or you’re a piece of your clothes. The rule of thumb is to wear more neutral-colored gloves such as tan, brown, burgundy red, white, or even black. If you have a neutral-colored outfit, you can also do the reverse and add a hint of color through your gloves. 

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