Six Shoe Staples Every Woman Should Own

Have you heard of the saying, “If the shoe fits, buy it in every color?”. Well, this article focuses on one of the many guilty pleasures of ladies – shoes! Whether you want to go sexy with the classic stiletto or go on a casual walk with your ballet flats, this article will guide you on every shoe must-have that should be a staple in your closet.

  1. Ballet pumps
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Ballet pumps are a classic! This is why ladies should have at least one ballet pump in your closet. It’s what a lady should wear on her off-days or grocery shopping days where she needs her trusty pair of ballet pumps as she completes one errand to another. Ballet pumps serve as a great breather for one’s feet after a day of crazy dancing in the bar or an afternoon shopping in those uncomfortable pumps. Moreover, since ballet pumps have a classic look, it looks great with practically everything – from skinny jeans to shorts and even a dress! It is best to pair it with animal-printed ballet pumps for a simple top and jeans combo to give the whole outfit an edge.

  1. Sneakers

Whether it’s hitting the gym, going to a yoga class, or going for a short run uphill, sneakers are a must-have for the average woman. Sneakers also rival the ballet pumps in terms of versatility, as a classic pair can be worn with practically anything! White sneakers are best used during summer, while dark-colored sneakers are best during the cold season. 

  1. High heels
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Ladies, you should have a pair of killer high heels for wild and spontaneous night outs or attend an evening gala. You can go for black or nude heels for a casual yet impactful look for maximum impact. When wearing a monochromatic outfit, it is best to wear eye-popping vibrant or neon-colored heels to take the whole ensemble to the next level, like a hot pink color or a neon-green color.

  1. Ankle boots
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Ankle boots are the perfect footwear to complete spring and winter outfits. It is also a great pair to have that goes perfectly well with a maxi dress, even during summertime! Ankle boots can be the perfect accessory for any outfit – whether it’s a simple dress shirt and leggings or an oversized shirt and scarf!  

  1. Flat sandals

Flat sandals are a summer staple. Since the sun is shining brightly and the weather can get very hot, sandals offer style and comfort to any outfit. Another plus is that it can be worn with shorts, a dress, or even skinny jeans! Since flat sandals can be quite basic, it is best to make sure that the overall design and aesthetic of the sandals complement the overall look. A pro tip would be to use gladiator type of sandals to make a statement. 

  1. Knee-high boots

A favorite go-to during the winter season, knee-high boots are the perfect piece for any outfit! Whether it’s to match a coat, a dress, or tights, knee-high boots are always there to make a statement.

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