Six Tips On How To Organize Your Makeup Bag

We can all probably agree that rummaging through a pile of dirty products to find what you’re looking for in your overcrowded makeup bag takes away from the experience of getting ready. And if sitting down to do your makeup has become stressful due to the mess that is your makeup bag, it’s time to give it the refresh it needs. Ahead, we’re sharing top tips to help you clean and organize your makeup bag 一 taking it from chaotic to condensed.

  1. Take inventory

The first step in cleaning and organizing your makeup bag is to know what’s inside. While this might seem obvious, you might be surprised to see what products have been hiding underneath the mess. Dump out the contents of your bag and assess what you use and don’t use. Anything that you won’t get used out of should be recycled or discarded in order to keep clutter to a minimum.

  1. Check For Expired Makeup

While you might be tempted to hold onto your favorite mascara or foundation, it’s important to ensure that the makeup you’re using isn’t expired. It’s best to only keep makeup for the time recommended on the packaging of the product. If you’re unsure when to throw away makeup, check for foul smells, separation, and discoloration in your products. If you spot any of those, it’s time to toss the product.

  1. Protect your Sponges and Brushes

While it makes sense to keep your makeup tools and your daily products together, throwing your sponges and makeup brushes in your makeup bag can make for one big mess. If anything leaks or spills, your tools will get dirty which can be both annoying products and unhygienic. It’s best to keep them protected by putting them in a small pouch or bag within your makeup bag.

  1. Stock Up On Multi-Use Products

A great way to pare down your makeup bag and prevent clutter is to focus on multitasking products. For example, rather than keeping both a setting powder and powder foundation, opt for a product that does both. If you’re really tight on space, you can also use your lipstick as a blush and pass on keeping a blush in your bag altogether.

  1. Wipe down each product

Once you’re content with the contents of your makeup bag, the next step is cleaning off the products before putting them back in the bag. Use a damp cloth with water or a water-based cleanser. Wipe down your products to remove gunk-like smeared mascara or dripping foundation from the outside packaging.

  1. Wipe Down The Makeup Bag

If you’ve been dealing with spillage, chances are the inside of your makeup bag is filled with stains. To clean the bag, hold your makeup bag upside down over the trash to get rid of loose debris. If you’re using a cloth makeup bag, pop it into the washing machine using hot water to get rid of any bacteria. If it’s made of plastic, simply turn it inside out and use a makeup remover wipe to give it a proper wipe down.

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