The Importance of Cloud Monitoring

The cloud is an integral part of businesses and society, with 94% of enterprises using it in some way.  Understanding how businesses use the cloud, as well as problems associated with the cloud, is useful when it comes to implementing technology successfully. 

According to recent data, there is over 1 exabyte of data stored in the cloud.  This equals 1024 petabytes of data, or the equivalent of 50,000 trees made into paper and printed.  The cloud continues to grow as well, adding more data and drawing in more entities.

Unfortunately, there are many problems with visibility gaps in cloud infrastructure.  Poor visibility in the cloud and its operations leads to problems with general functioning.  Limited visibility can reduce support for remote workers and migration operations.  These are just two examples of the consequences of limited visibility, but there are many others as well.

Organizations are looking to improve, with 80% of organizations hoping to increase their investments in cloud visibility.  Organizations can do this by implementing cloud monitoring, which provides end-to-end visibility across an entire network.  Cloud monitoring reduces security risks by 50% and increases business value by 99%. 

Cloud monitoring can make a huge difference in overall cloud functionality.  As the cloud becomes increasingly common and critical for businesses, it is important to keep the cloud, and the data it contains, as secure as possible.

The Importance of Cloud Monitoring & Why It’s So Hard
Source: Live Action

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