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What Is Cloud Power

What is Cloud Power?

Cloud power is the flexibility and scalability to access and expand your internet needs on demand. When companies do not want to invest large sums of capital in infrastructure to operate their businesses, they rely on the adaptable infrastructure of a cloud network.

The cloud stores all the data and programs that the company uses securely on independently maintained infrastructure that is accessible all over the developed world via secure internet connections. Cloud-based platforms are better suited for most businesses because they can reduce overhead by merely paying a subscription fee to utilize the service. The cloud also backs up data and prevents the loss or corruption of valuable information.

In addition, there are a number of platforms, each with differing levels of flexibility. The cloud can be so flexible to the point that it is a little different than owning the actual infrastructure itself. Therefore, adaptability allows businesses to focus on their business without the added burden of constantly adapting to new technology and security features.

What Role Do Semiconductors Play in the Cloud?

Cloud networks rely on keeping up to date with all of the latest technology. At the heart of their network servers are silicon chips called semiconductors. These semiconductors are the brains of a computer network that quickly and accurately processes the raw data.

The general trend is that computer chips are becoming denser and denser with more processing power every year or two as more and more transistors are packed into tighter proximity. This is called Moore’s Law. See

The reality is that the latest semiconductors become obsolete as the new chips are used to increase the number of transistors in next-generation production facilities. There is a constant progression in the tech space. In addition, the latest technology is seeking to incorporate actual lab-grown brain cells with microchips. See

For this reason, most companies simply cannot afford to maintain the IT infrastructure with the steady rate of obsolescence in tech. Even if the rate of transistors on a chip slows down significantly, companies will work to innovate and develop other features for greater processing power.

What Are the Other Ways the Cloud Affects Tech Today?

The cloud is changing the way that we work. Working remotely and providing employees with flexible schedules and tools has become the new normal. This was particularly important during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The security of a cloud is protecting the proprietary data of companies as well. More and more cases keep popping up where the employees simply stole proprietary data from an established company with the ease of plugging in a thumb drive. Joybird Furniture was one such infamous case where the employees went on to design custom furniture strikingly similar to the models sold by their mutual employer.

If you configure the cloud to prevent the unauthorized access of proprietary data, you may save the entire company. When individuals have direct access to the infrastructure, it is easier to bypass permissions and security features that a dedicated cloud network management system protects.

Most Americans have email and photos stored on a cloud server somewhere that they can access like an actual hard drive but from any device. Cloud services are all around us and are changing the way we communicate, run our businesses, and access all our data.

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