An Art Studio That Takes It to the Next Level

Some people think that to create art, you have to go to school for it. You have to be born with a certain talent. You have to spend hours practicing or watching Bob Ross. But that’s not what Illya and Nadia Kuzmin believe!

Illya Kuzmin is the founder of Shot of Art. Located in the heart of Manhattan, Shot of Art is the not-so-hidden gem of art studios in New York. Here, families and friends discover that all you need to create something wonderful is your imagination and a good attitude.

Though Shot of Art is still young, having opened just six months ago, it has been a dream of Illya’s for years! That dream—to bring people together, showing everyone that you don’t need to cultivate an artist’s skills to make great art—has been fully realized in this colorful studio.

How Shot of Art works

Shot of Art offers unique opportunities to create using two methods: the spinning technique and the fluid technique. Both techniques involve allowing fresh, vibrant paint to drip, splash, or be outright poured onto the canvas in any fashion you choose. The fluid technique takes this splattering fun and uses a small flame to transform your acrylic design into a permanent creation. When you use the spinning technique, your canvas is rapidly whirled until a puddle of colors becomes an eye-catching work of art.

The creators at Shot of Art will help you find colors and make designs that are just right. This out-of-the-box approach to painting has begun an interior decorating trend that is quickly catching on. Instead of heading to the store to pick out someone else’s painting, or shopping online for hours trying to find something to spruce up your wall, you can hang your own personal artwork for all to see! With the staff’s help at Shot of Art, the style will look effortless.

And if you believe even Shot of Art’s user-friendly techniques would be too difficult for you, or are totally new to the artistic process and aren’t sure you can succeed, don’t stress! Shot of Art offers master classes in shooting and spinning for people of all ages. Illya, Nadia, and their staff are committed to crafting an artistic experience for anyone to enjoy!

The benefits of Shot of Art

The art industry is always improving and growing, and with Shot of Art, Illya and Nadia have come alongside it and caused it to grow that much faster. They inspire everyone who comes through their door, proving that you don’t have to have traditional painting skills to be a painter. In their studio, any kind of mind can create, and everyone is taking notice.

With business booming, Shot of Art is no stranger to growth—Illya is in the process of opening a second studio in Los Angeles, and has applied to open even more in other cities. In this way, Illya has created job opportunities for anyone, artists and non-artists alike. He already has a team assembled for both official locations, with a staff of eleven in New York and a brand-new crew in LA.

Because of Illya’s dream, art and creativity are no longer limited to those born with some elusive painting talent. Now, everyone can create art together, be it families, spouses, friends, or just one person who wants to take the time to try and make something unique. Customers enjoy a hands-on staff who are friendly and patient, and an experience they’ll definitely want to repeat. Illya’s workspace and its products appeal to all parties, and in just six months, the word is getting around.

In this way, Shot of Art takes painting and creativity to the next level, with many more successes and milestones to come, all thanks to Illya Kuzmin’s hard work and vision.

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